Monday, August 1, 2016

Nothing But Turkeys

North Clarendon, Vermont
Iroquois Land Family Camping

It started lightly raining about 5 am, we weren't in any hurry as we were only driving about 60 miles.  I decided if it was still raining later, we'd just stay another day.  

Of course since we had a plan B, the rain stopped and we started hitching up around 9 am.  Vern was outside packing up and I saw Carolyn and Craig packing up.  

We traveled down 22A and across route 4 to Rutland.  Iroquois Land Family Camping is 2 miles south of Rutland.

When we pulled in there was a sign on the door that they would be back at noon.  This park looks like you are parked on a farm.  It's has very new looking 50 amp electric.  There aren't a lot of sites but to the right were the full hook ups and to the left were the water and electric sites.  It's $7 a night extra for sewer and since we are only staying until Saturday  I opted for water and electric.  We just pulled into an empty one and I went down later and registered.  I had called yesterday to reserve a site.  

I noticed a small swimming pool, horseshoe pits, volleyball and basketball.  There is also a small building with air hockey.  When I asked about a laundry I was told there was a washer near this shed and there are clothes lines for drying--no dryer.  Oops, I forgot my clothes pins.  

It was cloudy all afternoon so we just spent the day watching the turkeys.  
I tried something different on the comment section of the blog.  I know some people were saying they were unable to leave a comment.  Hope this helps, as I love reading your comments.

Turtle Safely........


  1. I see you removed the Google+ setup. You are not alone. Other bloggers couldn't understand why their comments had drifted way off but if a commenter wasn't setup for Google + they couldn't make comments.
    If it was closer to Thanksgiving do you think the park would miss one of those turkeys? LOL.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of turkey for supper and not wait for Thanksgiving.

  2. I have had no problems making comments, but once you remove G+ I won't get you replies anymore.

    1. I had another call last night saying they couldn't comment. I need someone close by to show me how to fix this.

  3. The short distance of 60 miles is perfectly long enough if you have other adventures and places to be.


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