Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our Own Private Tour Guides

Brookline, New Hampshire
Field and Stream RV Park

We have been so busy enjoying our visit with Lionel and Esther Arlan, that I have failed to take photos and keep up with our adventures.  

Esther and Lionel have the same love of travel, exploring and adventure that we have.  You just know the four of us are going to have a good time together.  

Lionel drove us all around the area.  They were laughing so much because I have no idea at any given time, what state we are in.  Lionel also pointed out that my blog said we were in Vermont, not New Hampshire.  This area around Nashua just all blends together.

Yesterday it was raining when we were ready to drive the 10 or so miles over to the Arlan's.  Esther had a long list of places to see and do.  Since it was lightly raining, we decided the canal ride didn't sound like a good idea.  She thought Bill would enjoy the Masonic Museum and Library in Lexington.
It was an excellent idea.  The building is beautiful inside.

Unfortunately, we were only allowed photos in the lobby.

The Willis Michael's clock collection was fantastic.

Every single one of them were very unique.

The clock on the right was called the lighthouse.  These clocks were displayed on the outside of the exhibit room.  I so wish they would have allowed photos on the inside.  One clock was ca 1600's.  There was a  clock that a mouse went up and down twice a day.  

It was interesting how they hired apprentices to learn the workings of every single piece.  These were real craftsmen.  
The rain had stopped by the time we left.  Lionel and Esther suggested Mario's in downtown Lexington.  What a great Italian restaurant.  The Arlan's have been customers for a very long time.  Lionel and I cleaned our plates.  Bill had enough left for another meal.  

Bill is getting his doggie fix by the Arlan family Bulldogs.  On the left is Harpo and Paula is on the right.  They are very lovable.

The weather forecast was for a dry but hot and humid day today.  I'm not exactly sure how we got there, but we ended up in Rockport, MA. 

The village has a free parking area where a trolley will take you to the town for 50 cents for us old folks.  

Our timing was perfect.  We parked the car and walked over to the stop and the trolley arrived.

I'm sure if the weather wasn't predicted to be hot, there would have been some big crowds today.

 I read the dates on these historical markers and can't comprehend how long ago this was.  

I can imagine how many tourists would be on the streets here.  

There are some very upscale shops here.

This women's store was very smart.  Seating for the men, while the women shop.

Esther and I found the perfect piece of jewelry for women who love to travel.  This is a Compass Rose necklace and earrings.  Here's what the card had to say about it:

"The Compass Rose is a reminder....we are not merely travelers but we are the navigators of our own destiny.  

The Compass Rose has appeared beautifully illustrated on maps since the 1300's.  The term "rose" comes from the layered compass points that resemble the petals of the flower.  It is a reminder of our internal compass, to stay focused and remain on course."

It's sure a beautiful place and we were so glad that Lionel knew how to get around the area.

I can see why the artists love this area.

Rocks hurled using stockings as slings.  I wonder what our present politicians would do with that today.  

It was the site of the fort, not this newer building.  

Love this photo with the sailboat in the background.

Rockport is a very small peninsula that has this view over to the right.

 This view over to the left.

I liked this view of Esther and Bill just taking in all the beauty.  

I'm just guessing because I forget, but I think this is the Montour Inn that Esther said is the most painted building in the village.  Maybe Esther will comment and let us know the name.

After perfect timing to catch the return trolley we headed to Gloucester.    

How big do you think this anchor is?  It is ca 1840 and is estimated to weigh about 2,000 pounds.  

The Gloucester House was our destination to cool off and have a fabulous meal.

The food was delicious and we loved the views and atmosphere. 

It was a lot of driving and I'm sure Lionel has to be exhausted but our memories of our time with Lionel and Esther will never be forgotten.  They truly showed us a fabulous time.  Hopefully, it won't be long before we see them again in Arizona.  

Turtle Safely........ 


  1. So much fun to sightsee with good friends.
    I found the same with the New England states, they all seem to mould together with their scenery and small towns. Beautiful scenery.

    1. It was a very long, but we had so much fun.

  2. Looks like you're still having a great time. This has turned into a fabulous vacation for both of you.

  3. We wouldn't have been up here other than it was where the Escapade was this year. We're so glad we came, and enjoying every bit of it.


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