Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Escapees Anniversary Party

Usery Regional Park
Mesa, Arizona

Today we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Valley of the Sun Chapter 45 Escapees.  Ed Allard, president, introduced our founders, Jerry Anderson and Barbara Henderson.
Jerry Anderson

It was unique in the fact that they celebrated the 10th anniversary at this same park.

Gina and Jay Hurt

This is during morning coffee and there was a breeze that made us all grab our jackets.

This sign was used to guide airplanes to Sky Harbor Airport.

The sweatshirt didn't last long.

Vickie adding some music to the event.

Everyone listening to Ed speak.

All Escapee functions start with the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Don't you love all the cactus in the background?

There is a huge concrete patio attached to the pavilion. 

 And then there was food.......

We had members who didn't want to stay here and just came up for the day for the catered meal.

There was a full moon hike that was lead by the park ranger.  I had planned to try it, but after walking over to to the pavilion which has loose rocks, I knew I couldn't do it with my foot.  

It was a great day but I saved the best picture for last.  

Isn't that a handsome guy?

Turtle Safely........


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