Friday, December 23, 2016

I See........

Casa Grande, Arizona
Sundance RV Resort

It's been very busy since I last blogged.  I guess it's that time of the year, when you feel rushed.

I forgot to mention in my blog about the Chapter 45 20th Anniversary Rally that we had a nice surprise the last morning of the rally.  

As we stepped outside the coach to begin hitching up, I heard someone call out to me.  It was Marilyn Wix, who is a member of Chapter 21.  We hadn't seen her in a very long time.  I was trying to remember how long it's been.  Maybe it was one of the Polar Bear Party's that Chapter 21 has at the Saguaro Escapees Park in Benson, or maybe at the rally in Columbus, NM or maybe the one in Deming or maybe the first one in Amado or matter, it's been a very long time.  Needless to say we chatted for awhile.  By the time we parted, it was too late to walk over and say good bye to anyone that might have been left.

Bill's treatments seem to be slowly helping him.  It's difficult scheduling since the doctor only works four days a week and sometimes he wants to see him three times.

We didn't have a Christmas party these past two years while Dad was under Hospice care.  When we have them, John and Karen drive all the way up to Casa Grande and back from Green Valley.  So when they suggested we get together on Tuesday it was a given, we were going to be there.  

Some of your best friends you don't have to see often, but you just pick up where you left off the last time you saw them.  The other neat thing about friends is they make the best of a bad situation.  This was no exception.  

We needed to visit another friend who was in the hospital so the plans changed to meeting at a restaurant near the hospital.  I found three that weren't fast food and John and Karen selected one of those that had good reviews.  As we were ready to pull into the driveway, I realized it was a drive thru restaurant only.  That wouldn't work, we want to visit for awhile.  I called John and he was right in front of us so we agreed on a Mexican restaurant across the street.  It had a big sign in the window, "under new management". 

 This place we will never forget.  When we walked in it had a counter where you ordered with seating.  In one week's time we went from the best fajita we ever tasted in Mesa, to the worst we've ever had.  The only thing good I could say for the $25.00 lunch was that the Dr. Pepper was good.  How can you screw up rice and beans?  The fajita didn't even resemble one.  It was suppose to be steak, but looked like they ground it up.  I can't remember what Karen ordered but she only had one bite.  

I wish I would have taken a picture of the sign behind the counter but it said everything.  "No refund for eaten food".
But like I said, good friends, make the best of it.  At least we weren't annoyed by screaming kids or anyone else in the place.  We were free to sit there and visit as long as we wanted.  We left the restaurant, laughing about our experience but still stood out in the parking lot, reluctant to say our "see ya's".  

We stopped at the hospital to visit another friend.  It really makes you feel good, when you know someone is not feeling well, but smiles and looks happy to see you.  You always get condition reports, but it's nothing like seeing for yourself.  It's a hopeless feeling that you can't do something to help.

It was getting late, when we started back and I knew it was going to be getting dark, but we both needed to get something to get the bad taste of the little bit we ate out of mouth.  I suggested a milk shake.  While it tasted good, I could still remember that terrible food.

Wednesday was Dad's service at the National Military Cemetery.  We were very blessed to have our nephew, Cody Tupps, conduct the short ceremony.  Dad had military honors and the bugler was excellent.  They were reservist's who volunteer for this duty.  It was a difficult decision regarding the flag.  I had previously decided since there were three sisters and one flag that I would donate it to the VA to be displayed for holidays.  Did I mention that I am the oldest?  At the last moment, when they asked about the flag, I decided to keep the flag.  

We hurried home in time to get Bill to his doctor appointment.  This was his only opportunity as we'd be in Phoenix all day Thursday.  Of course then the doctor isn't in on Friday's and with the Christmas break it complicated things even worse.  

Yesterday we woke up at 4:30 am. We never have to use an alarm clock, our bodies must have a built in one.  I thought 5:15 am would be fine, but we were both awake so decided to get up. When we turned on the TV the news was showing flooded streets and traffic problems everywhere.  I was suppose to report to the surgical department at 7:45 at their office in the Biltmore (central Phoenix) area.  Finally at 5:30 Bill said, we might as well just head out, we can wait up there, or wait here.  

The weather gods were with us.  Of course night driving is something we just don't do, but you do what you have to do.  John Beckman offered to drive us up, but the conditions weren't bad the day before, and it was too late to call them now.  The first couple of blocks there was water everywhere but after the first mile the roads were dry and it wasn't raining.  We made record time getting to Phoenix, of course I think we were ahead of the rush hour traffic.  We arrived at the office at 6:30 but after about a 10 minute wait they took me back.  

I can't say enough about how great you are treated.  Every step of the way, they explain everything.  We left the office around 9.  Now what do we do?  Normally you have a follow up the following day but they will be closed for the holiday.  We had an appointment at 3:15.  That's a long time to wait around town.  

We decided to go for breakfast and one of the nurses recommended a restaurant next to Nordstrom's.  I wasn't real hungry but a cup of coffee sounded real good.  We were told that it would be a 20 minute wait for a table.  No problem we weren't in a hurry.  The only problem is you had to scream to talk.  It seemed like the longer we waited the louder it got.  Finally, the girl had a table for us, and I said, I was sorry, it was just too noisy for us. 

We found a Denny's but there was no parking.  We cruised up and down Camelback but couldn't find a place with an empty parking space.  

Finally I suggested we just go to the movies.  I used to work up in this area, and years ago we had an apartment that we used through the week until I realized we couldn't be that far away from elderly parents.  I knew where all the theaters were.  Did you notice that word "were"? We tried three different places.  Now there are huge buildings on those corners.  

Finally, around noon, we decided to stop for lunch.  The lines were terrible and we had to park in another business just to get a parking place.  I think we spent more time circling the parking lots than anything else we did.  

I finally said, "enough".  Let's just go back to the doctor's office and wait there.  We arrived around 2 pm and I was surprised when they called me back about 2:15.  

It was a great feeling on the way home to know we beat the rush hour traffic and we were driving home in sunshine.  

I am amazed at the difference already in my vision and was told it will take up to 4 weeks for it to improve due to my previous RK surgery.

Turtle Safely.........


  1. And now I see why you haven't answered. If worse comes to worse, I will give your t-shirts to Geri Beckham.

    Hope next week is less busy for you.

    1. Did you call? I didn't get any calls.

  2. Great story about your sorry Mexican food. But a lunch that you have to eat over to get the taste out of your mouth is seriously bad. I suspect if you hadn't been with your friends you might have just walked out. You sure did have your troubles with restaurants. Glad your eyes aren't giving you trouble.

  3. This time of year is a zoo everywhere. Sorry about your food. Sure glad you had such great company. And you can see again. That's wonderful.

    1. I'm really have a difficult time because they gave me a contact for reading in my right eye and the left eye now has such great distance, it doesn't want to do the mono vision yet. I had it 20 years ago and it worked great for me, so I hope I'm not too old to adapt back to it.

  4. Too bad about the food, and spending the day in the city with all the Christmas crowds would not be fun. At least you made it home safely.

  5. If there was always good food in restaurants, we wouldn't have great stories to tell!! Sorry you had such a terrible day. When I had those type of contacts, I actually turned my head a little so I only looked out of the eye I wanted to use. Pretty soon my brain caught on.

    1. I had mono vision with the RK surgery years ago, so I'm hopeful I'm not to old to relearn it. It will be nice not to have to wear glasses or contacts when this is done.


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