Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Early Bird at PIR

Avondale, AZ
Phoenix International Raceway

It was a smooth ride over to PIR for the Good Sam Rally.  We left Casa Grande headed for the rest area on I 10.  As we pulled into the rest area, Curtis and Stephanie were right behind us.  They came from Rover's Roost so they came across the interstate rather than go through town.  

A short time later, Barb and Dave arrived and we headed up the highway.  We always take Riggs Road and go across the reservation rather than drive through Phoenix.  

I called Carlena and Harry who were waiting at Vee Quiva Casino along with George and Linda and told them we were on the way. 

It was a smooth ride over to PIR.  Harry was in the lead and one motorhome got in between us as we made the turn into the grounds.  Harry pulled over after going through the gate.  Carlena had the confirmation but not the windshield paper for parking.  The gate person wasn't happy that she left it on the table.  Well guess what?  We followed and I had the confirmation but the windshield paper was in the drawer.  I had to climb over the kitchen island to get to the living room with the slides in.  

The parking crew was waiting to show us to our site.  We are on the pavement in Row L, #58.  In no time at all every one was set up.  Curtis and Stephanie are in the middle, so they have the designated happy hour spot.  The first year at PIR the rows were so close together, if there was an emergency it would be very difficult to get out.  I'm happy to say they have left a lot more room.

Here's Harry's site with us along side.
Curtis had a fall while at Quartzite and finally saw a doctor while in Casa Grande.  He said the boot really helps.
George and Linda should be exhausted as they came from Lake Havasau City this morning.
Barb and Dave are sporting the new Montana Owners Club logo.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Enjoy your time thereat PIR and all the rally fun.

  2. That does look like plenty of room to enjoy happy hour. Have a great time.


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