Monday, February 27, 2017

Good Sam--the Ending

Casa Grande, AZ
Sundance RV Resort

So what have we been doing the last few days?   What all RVers do--gabbing and eating.

Bill had some trouble with his heart rate and we didn't do a lot.  Of course, if you were't looking to purchase a new RV there wasn't much at this Good Sam thing.  
We all enjoyed the sunshine but still wore long pants.

I don't think we even went down to the vendor area the whole day.  Carlena and Harry went to visit Carlena's mother who was in the hospital.  Stephanie was still not feeling well.  Barb and Dave went to visit Ikea and came back with cinnamon rolls for everyone.

Speaking of Barb, she went to the fabric store and bought me some black out material to make curtains for the Alaska trip.  When she brought the fabric over, she asked for the dimensions as she said she'd sew them up for me.  How nice is that?  

We took our chairs over for the prize drawing and entertainment.  Part of the entertainment was George receiving two prizes out of all the people there.

His first prize was a bag full of barbecue seasoning.  There were about a dozen different kinds in his bag.

If that wasn't enough, he won two extremely nice chairs.  Of course, he and I both bought rocking chairs the day before.  

The band was very good and I saw no one leaving early.  
There was a fireworks show following the band.  Unfortunately, we are spoiled from Winter Blast.  Did I mention that we are already registered for next year?

Sunday morning Bill was in the shower and I heard Harry whistling.  I knew he was up to something.
Harry installed the new fan that we bought.  George came by about the time Harry was finishing and decided he needed a fan for their bedroom.  We walked back over to the exhibition area to get one.  It wasn't very crowded.

About this time, Bill's heart rate still hadn't settled down, so we decided to head back to Casa Grande.  Carlena called to see if she could change her reservation to a day earlier and they came back with us.

Harry lead the way back, and I followed.  I didn't think Bill needed to be driving.  We were going to take Carlena and Harry out to dinner, but we were both tired and postponed it until the Morey's get here.

When we pulled into Sundance, I found out they had a vacancy.  George was having a hard time finding a place in Casa Grande for Monday.  Stephanie and Curtis are also coming in as he has a doctor appointment but they are staying at Rovers Roost.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Gabbing and eating...prefect description of
    Now Barb is one nice lady for sure.
    Sure hope Bill is felling better today.

  2. Yup gabbing and eating,, hope Bill is feeling better soon.

  3. Had a great time! Working on the curtains tomorrow��. Darn laundry today��

  4. Hiw nice about the curtains. Camping spots are so much harder to get these days. So many people on the road.


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