Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good Sam Rally

Avondale, Arizona
Phoenix International Raceway

Today was a busy day with lots of walking.  We walked all around the raceway looking for the entrance to the infield.  It turned out that the show is on the outside of the track.  We walked back and forth until we found the exhibition hall.   

We did find the Good Sam VIP so we picked up our Good Sam bag and the campground book.  It weighed a ton. 

I did notice on Facebook that Chick Thompson said they refused to give him a bag because he registered after the cut off date.  That just isn't right.  

I bought a new fan so we walked back to the coaches.  Harry checked his coach to make sure one would fit and we walked back over to get one for him.  Then we walked over to the Camping World display.  This is a huge show and covers a lot of ground.  I had been wanting one of the piston rocking chairs and they were on sale at Camping World.  I also bought another fold up plastic stool to put in the truck.  It's much easier to reach things in the bed with the stool.  Sharon and Don had stopped in Quartzite to get one for us, and they didn't have them.  Bill also bought a liter of black tank treatment stuff.  We had another heavy load and walked back to the coach to off load the stuff. 

They have the shuttle buses but we aren't that far away to bother with them.  

Bill wanted to fuel up the truck and Harry and Carlena wanted to go to the grocery store so we piled into the truck.  It was lunch time and Harry and Carlena have never been to a Rudy's Barbecue so we took them.  Everyone was happy with their choices.  

When we got back I looked inside to see what Bill was doing.

You can't nap now, it should be happy hour time.  We all walked back over trying to find the spot for happy hour.

When I saw Johnny, I asked him about it.  He said he just played off and on at the Paul Evert booth during the day.  It seems since they are selling drinks, the usual Paul Evert happy hour that we've become used to at the Escapade won't be happening here.  Paul Evert team members delivered drinks to our happy hour yesterday.

Carlena and Good Sam got along fine, but I don't know what Boo thought of Good Sam.

No problem we came back for happy hour between us and the Schoolcraft's to try and block the wind.  Stephanie wasn't feeling well so she didn't join us.  It was very windy so we were glad the wind was blowing from the west.  

Harry helped me figured out what I did wrong when I put the grill together.  I'm so glad we don't have to carry the LP canisters or an extra propane tank.  Thanks Harry and George.  

While we were sitting out this man came by and said "Hi Jan".  He has been reading my blog for awhile and I've been reading his.  
It was Rick Rousseau who writes the blog "It's about time".  You can check it out at
Kathy wasn't feeling well, so hopefully I'll get to meet her before the show is over.  

I think I'll soak my feet and relax tonight as tomorrow promises to be a busy day.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Glad to finally meet you both and we are both hoping to get together before the end of the show.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the rally , too much to see and do at them.


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