Friday, February 17, 2017

Winter Blast--Thursday/Friday

Sara Park Rodeo Grounds

How did I get behind?  Just way to much fun.

Yesterday we all took a tour of the London Bridge.  This tour was put on by the visitors center.  Our guide had a video that he played but he really knew his stuff.
 The fountain is something the city erected when they removed the grass.  The fountain was made in Mexico and the lions came from an old casino in Vegas.

This entrance gate came from England and was built in 1862.  
What a remarkable undertaking to dismantle, then move this bridge over 5,000 miles and then reconstruct it. 

This tour wasn't just about how they moved and erected the bridge.  The complete story is how McCullough built the town of Lake Havasau City for his London Bridge.

 We had to climb 52 steps to get up on the bridge.  When the bridge was in London, the tides came in and out thus the need for so many steps during low tide.

Our guide gave us a breather after climbing those steps by the statue of McCullough and C. V. Woods.

The red cord around Bill's neck is the audio monitor so we could hear our guide.  It really makes a difference in a tour.

I'm sure every one knows about the "love locks".  The city has decided to leave them as part of history.

These light poles were made from the metal from the cannons of Napoleon.  

We've driven over the bridge many times, but you get a better feel for it when you walk over.

Lake Havasau City is truly a beautiful city.

Craig, Harry, Carlena, Bill and I stopped by the bridge for lunch, it was good and reasonable.  Jan and Paul came in and we made room for them.

By the time I got back I had lost track of time.  When I realized that it was only 20 minutes before time to go to the Boomer's Pot Luck, I walked down and told Don and Sharon we wouldn't make it.  I needed an hour to bake my dish.

Today we took a trip into town to Starbuck's with Harry and Carlena.  Of course, we also found a couple of places to stop.

Before we knew it, the band was playing and we walked over to secure a big table for our dinner.  
I have to say the temperatures were in the 70's but the wind was blowing and the sky was cloudy most of the day.

Harry and Carlena are having a good time.

I know I keep saying it, but it sure is good to see Don and Sharon back loving life. 

The first timers were all amazed at how good the band was. The wind was playing havoc with the microphones.  Paul even told us that the drums blew off the stage from the wind while they were setting up. 

Dinner was late, but it went well.  Tacos (choice of three meats, rice, beans and chips.

Do you think they are having a good time?

I can tell it's Friday by our red shirts.

The weather wasn't bad while we were sitting here because the bleachers broke the wind.

Carol and Mark showing the youngsters how to dance.

Carolyn and Craig Mills are having a good time too.

This is the first time at the blast for Bud and Susie.  The dogs have settled down a lot from the first day.

Gayle and John were also out on the dance floor.

We came back to the coach and decided to watch the show from the recliners.  We thought maybe they might not have the show, but it's been a really good show compared to last night's show and it's still going on as I write this blog.

Turtle Slowly......


  1. Glad you enjoyed the London Bridge - I had a blast when I visited a couple years ago.

    1. The tour was excellent and the audio receivers really helped

  2. We enjoyed checking out the Bridge and Lake Havasu last fall when we visited Rose and George.

    1. I hope you were able to do the $10 tour. It was well worth the price.

    2. I hope you were able to take the $10 bridge tour. They only offer it two days a week.

  3. I love that bridge. I read the literature on it, but it would have been so much better to have a tour guide. Another wonderful day.


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