Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Winter Blast--Wednesday

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Sara Park Rodeo Grounds

Today we rode over to Oatman with Harry and Carlena.  Jan and Paul Kelpe followed us in their truck.  Later we found out George and Linda Morey were there.

It was a little challenging to get there, because I was sure it was south I 40.  Well, as it turned out, Oatman is north of I 40.

The weather was great and we've been there when it's been really crowded.  

Oatman was an old mining town that is on old route 66.

Wild burros run wild through the streets of town.

The Shriner's put on a gunfight skit in the middle of the town with tips going to the Shriner's hospital.
There's not a lot in the town and it's definitely a tourist trap.

The Oatman Hotel advertised "the best buffalo burgers".  The menu said a half pound burger.  Bill ordered one and I was very glad I didn't order it.  It looked very small and overcooked.  

While the food wasn't great, the atmosphere was great.  These are dollar bills on the walls.  There was a fellow playing music and telling the history of Oatman and the burros.  There is over $100,000 on the walls of this place.  The bar was completely covered in dollar bills. 

All of the burros seemed to have this stripe down their shoulders.

The Oatman Hotel which was built in 1902 is famous because Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon in the upstairs room.  

Harry was too tall to really fit in the coffin.  

Cars and motorcycles don't seem to bother the burros.

When we returned to Lake Havasau City the truck just automatically turned into the Dairy Queen.  It was for medicinal purposes.  I had laryngitis and no one could understand me all day and you all know ice cream cures anything.  

Susie and Bud Walsh arrived today.  They had dinner plans so we didn't see much of them.  

Tomorrow we are taking a walking tour of London Bridge.  

Turtle Safely........ 


  1. Oatman is a really fun place to visit. The burros cracked us up. The burger doesn't sound very appetizing.
    Looks like y'all are having a great time.

    1. Next time we'll try the other restaurant.

  2. We always enjoy stopping in Oatman , just because we can. Glad you had a great day.

    1. It's so unique. We saw lots of burros while driving into town too.

  3. guess i'll have to come to oatman to see burros! I spent a month at Imperial Dam LTVA, where I saw lots of burro tracks and burro poop - but no burros.

    Almost all burros (donkeys, mules too) will have that dark line of hair on their shoulders. It's part of what's called 'the cross' - a dark line that starts up on between their ears and goes along their backs to the tail. The line across their shoulders bisects the line along the spine making a cross.

    Your little bit of Equine trivia for the day . . .

  4. Wonder where the burros come from and who cleans up if they wander around town. We had two burros for years that we adopted from the Fund for Animals when they were being airlifted out of Death Valley to keep them from being killed. They were wonderful and both had the dark stripes on their backs. For sure, ice cream is medicinal.

    1. I wouldn't say clean up happens very often.


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