Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Calendar Challenge

Portage Valley, Alaska
Portage Valley RV Park

It was cloudy this morning when we left Palmer.  A few small sprinkles was the extent of any rain, however the sun really never came out.  We knew that this area of Alaska was going to be the cloudy rainy area however, June is the driest month.  

Traffic through Anchorage wasn't bad at all.  We passed cruise ship buses headed east.  Our drive today took us on the Glenn Highway to the Seward Highway along the Cook Inlet.

The road into the park was a lot like we thought we'd see in Alaska.  It had a very narrow one lane bridge to cross.  

The wind was blowing and it was only 50 degrees.  We knew it was cold when we saw Harry in long pants and two hats.  

The RV park is surrounded by mountains, water and glaciers.

Carlena and I had a plan that we'd take an evening glacier tour in Whittier tonight.  As many of my regular blog readers know, I do have calendar challenges.  As we were reading the details of the cruise, I realized that they do not start until June 16. I guess at least I'm only off by four days.  Things are looking up in calendar challenges.

It was decided that we go visit the visitor center that was nearby and see if we could regroup.  

The original cruise plan had a prime rib/salmon buffet that sounded good.  This visitor center booked the glacier cruises with a 10% discount.  We finally decided on a cruise that leaves around 12 tomorrow.  We were told that to get to Whittier, we need to either go through the tunnel at the 10:30 or 11:30 time frame.  The toll for the truck through the tunnel is $13.00.  We were glad we decided to leave the fifth wheels on this side of the tunnel as they would have been considerably more.

We took a little ride and only saw eagles.  Harry stopped at the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center.  It was windy and cold.

There was a nice glass "tube" you walked down to get a view of the glaciers.

Pretty awesome sights even though it was cloudy.  

Whittier weather forecast is 50/46 degrees with 60% chance of precipitation and winds 10 mph.  I can't tell if the snow flurries are on that line or not.  We will be bringing out those long johns we brought for tomorrows cruise.  Layers and layers of clothes are planned.  

We went into the exhibit area without having to pay the fee since we have the golden eagle pass.  Best bargain we've ever had from the government.

It wasn't much, and they didn't even have a paddle. Sharon, the other one is for you.

Carlena looks more natural in her setting.

We went into the theater and this is the view we saw.  It was floor to ceiling glass.  When the video was ready to start, the drapes closed and the screen came down. The theater had enough seating for lots of people however there were only the four of us.  The movie was about the same as all the other parks. The same type of background music and same monotone voice.  Other than the great pictures I have no idea what the movie was about.  It seems to me the excessive money spent on the theater could have been put to better use.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. I really like your new format Jan Easy to read.

  2. You only saw eagles....I would love to only see eagles!


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