Monday, June 19, 2017

Back in Palmer

Palmer, Alaska
Elk's Lodge

WIFI was so slow in Hope, it took me all night to write that blog and I was unable to download pictures, Seward wasn't any better.  

The next morning we drove 75 miles to Seward.  We pulled into Stoney Creek RV Park by before noon.  

It was another beautiful drive with the sun reflecting off the water.  

Naturally, there was a river by the RV park.  I think there is a river, lake, pond, stream or creek everywhere.

We loved listening to this waterfall in Seward.  

As we were looking out at the water, a whale decided to show itself.  A few minutes later we were watching a sea otter and a porpoise added to the show by coming out of the water and making a big splash.  

The temperatures weren't bad with sunny skies and dry, but the wind off the water made it seem colder.

The Seward Library and Museum was a beautiful building and blended with the colors of Resurrection Bay.  None of us were interested in the museum, it didn't look like anything exciting.  

We thought the Burger Bus in Kenai was original but it must be pretty common. Red's had a yellow bus for its dining room.

Right next door was the competition--The Girl's Food Truck (which was a bus).

The Trail Blazers statue commemorates the Iditarod  
Trail.  I didn't get a photo of the Mile Zero sign.

We had purchased a tour saver book last fall and decided to use the buy one get one free coupon.  We probably wouldn't have gone to the Alaska Sealife Center with a $25 admission if we didn't have the coupon.

Look at the fish Harry and Carlena caught!

I wasn't too impressed so far. Props for photo shots aren't worth $25.

Yes, they did have fish in tanks.  One looked like a gecko.

Now this was getting better, you could actually touch these.  

The best part of the Sealife Center was a glass wall that you could look down and see how sick fish and mammals were cared for.  This baby walrus was flown in from Nome the previous day.  It was near death and they were trying to save it.  It needed to be fed about every two hours.  

This sea lion was huge and glided through the water.  

I wonder if this fish belongs to the Loosey Goosey gang.

Since the guys are now professional (almost) gold panners they walked along the creek by the RV park and collected some dirt for panning.

I saw this scat and wondered what animal left it here.  It's less than 100 yards away from where we are parked.  I then found a bear track.  Do you think this is from a bear?

Harry devised a way to use his gold pan in a dish pan of water.  Bill didn't stay out long as I had dinner prepared.  Harry didn't mention anything this morning about how much he found.

We drove back up to Palmer this morning and are staying at the Elk's Lodge. We've had such great weather, but there is a chance of showers tomorrow, so we paid for two days. 

The boat ramp is next to Harry where the boat trailers are backed into the water.

Do you think it is a steep boat launch?

We met a nice couple from New Mexico.  They were going to Sam's Club and asked if we needed anything.  I said yes I'd like some of the chicken cordon bleu that Jan Kelpe told me about and a roasted chicken.  Nothing like having your dinner delivered to you.  

We sat outside and played rummy until it was time for dinner.  I guess I've neglected to mention that we have had no problem with mosquitoes yet.  One other thing, besides never seeing the moon or a sunset or sunrise, is that there is no dew here.  Is that because the sun has been up for so long by the time we go outside?

I went back an updated the previous Hope blog with photos of Dennis and Carol Hill, Sue Valentine, and the gold panning.

Turtle Safely........


  1. Not bear scat. Maybe deer, elk, bunny - lol

    1. It was pellets about two inches long.

  2. I agree. Not bear scat. That looks more like dog or people scat. This could be moose or caribou or deer scat.

    1. The photo doesn't really show it well. At first I thought it was peanut shells, but they were bigger when I got closer.

  3. Deer, it's deer poop. Bear scat is like plops, like cows, and it is usually quite colourful because of the berries they eat.

    1. What an interesting discussion with my morning coffee.

  4. Between the slow, limited internet in the Yukon, and the accident, I had not had a chance to read much of your blog. Today, enjoying the rain on the roof, I finally had time. You have given me a peak into some of the places we plan on going. We will be in Palmer on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. The Scottish Games are going to be at the Fairgrounds on Saturday and look like something we might enjoy. Will you still be in town?

    After Palmer we are making our way down to Valdez (29th - 5th).


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