Monday, June 5, 2017

Counting Sheep

Beaver Creek, Yukon Territories
Beaver Creek RV Park & Motel

This morning we left Haines Junction, Yukon Territories about 9 am.  There was a Montana with Arizona plates on the side of us and another 5th wheel that was from Gold Canyon, AZ.  

It was another gorgeous day.  I asked Bill what was another word I could use for the weather other than lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, sunny, picture perfect.  You get the idea.  It did turn very windy as we drove around Lake Kluane.

I know my blog readers are probably tired of scenery photos but I have a hundred photos a day of the scenery.

This photo is a little unusual. No clouds in the sky except around this mountain. 

We did some climbing today but it was all gradual.

We came around a bend and saw Lake Kluane.  The camera doesn't do this color of blue justice.  

Lake Kluane is the largest lake in the Yukon.

Bill pulled into the Kluane National Park and Reserve so we could get our Yukon Gold Explorer's Passport stamped.

This monument represents where the dedication ceremonies were held on November 20, 1942 for the Alaska Canada Highway.  Slim's Flats was also where the 50th anniversary festivities were held in 1992.  

The centre was about sheep and the ladies manning the centre were out on the deck counting sheep.

Harry spotted a huge group of about 50.  The ladies were  so excited about adding them to the totals they had. 

The winds were really blowing through this valley. There were several spotting scopes and about 5 pairs of binoculars for visitors to us.  

We did pass a fellow today in either his underwear or swimming trunks.  It might be pretty, but I'm sure it is still cold.  Sorry I was so shocked to see him, I didn't think to take a photo.

Even if you're like Bill and I who aren't really water people, you have to admit it is beautiful.  It is also huge and took a long drive to get around it.

We have no idea what this is but spotted it along the road.  Any suggestions?

As we came into Burwash Landing we realized that there was a museum in "town".

Neither one of us was interested in touring the museum, but we did get our passport stamped.

The roads were the worst we've traveled on since we entered Canada.  I think we took a detour here.

I was happy we didn't meet another vehicle coming the other way.

When we registered at Beaver Creek RV Park we were told to just find a site. Converted to US money it was $23.67.

They are so friendly here, when we went across the street to the Visitor Information Centre, the man came out to greet us and shake our hand.  He spends the winter in Apache Junction, AZ.

Local artisans had some of their works on display in the information centre.

We've seen a lot of different kinds of moccasins.

These were the best ones I've seen on the trip.

Right next door to the RV park is Buckskin Betty's and all four of us were hungry. 

How do you like the leg hanging out of the stove?

We decided to take advantage of the exchange rate and get our last dinner in Canada.  

Dennis and Carol Hill sent us an email this morning inviting us to Fast Eddy's at 5 pm in Tok, Alaska.  I replied and said we'd be there tomorrow night and not tonight.  Don't you think they'll go with us again tomorrow? 

Hopefully, tomorrow's border crossing into Alaska goes quickly.  Tomorrow this time, we should be celebrating that we made it to Alaska.  

Turtle Safely..........


  1. Since this was our first winter in Arizona we felt that way often. We'll share the word "Unbelievable" with you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Your blog expanded since i first read it. Picture #14 looks like a cemetery.

  2. Jan I think that picture is of a small cemetery. Really enjoying your trip.
    Be safe.
    Dave and Susie

    1. Thank you, I thought maybe it was, but it was strange it was in a circle.

  3. The lake is definitely a "gorgeous" blue. It sure sounds like you guys are having a great trip. Don't know the guy from AJ.

  4. We're behind you! I've put your blog on my side bar so I can keep track of where you are going. Isn't it exciting?

    1. Hopefully, our paths will cross while we are in Alaska.

  5. Jan, I googled that image in question and it is apparently a memorial to a young First Nations native photographer. Thanks for sharing the photo.

    1. I knew someone would know. Thanks Linda.

  6. Take advantage of the Canadian exchange rate, you many goes a lot further , glad you are enjoying the trip.

  7. This blog reader is loving your pictures!!! Keep them coming.

  8. Your scenery pictures are just beautiful. Love the snow topped mountains. I'm a water person so that's always a treat for me. It just seems wonderful to me to be in the Yukon and tomorrow in Alaska.


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