Thursday, June 8, 2017

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Glennallen, Alaska
Northern Night Campground and RV Park

It was clouding up last night when we finally went to bed, so I was surprised to see the sun shining when we left Tok.

Another day of frost heaves followed by periods of good roads.  

Some of the construction was extensive and in other areas they didn't bother to mark with a flag every frost heave instead they'd have a sign for the number of miles of heaves.  

The flag lady came over to talk with us and said it should be about 10 minutes before the pilot car returned.  She told us she used to work for Fed Ex but they cut hours, so she quit to do this.  People are so friendly and talkative. 

How do you describe the scenery today?  There's just no way you can and the photos don't look as beautiful as being there.

That's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

There's some clouds now and the scene changes.

Our make shift stone guard started coming loose so we stopped to add more duct tape.  You wouldn't believe how many holes are in it.  Looks like someone shot us with a shotgun.

There were some nice rest areas with picnic tables hidden from the road.  

Lakes, streams, rivers and ponds everywhere.  

We stopped at Boardwalk RV Park and I went back to talk with Carlena.  Neither one of us wanted to stay there.  We ended up going back a mile or two to Northern Night Campground and RV Park. The nice thing about Carlena and Harry is all four or us seem to be on the same wave length.

Bill and I asked Carlena and Harry if they wanted to walk over to the Information Center next door.  Harry suggested he take the truck in case we wanted to check out the town.

Little did we realize that the excitement of the day was going to be happening at the Hub gas station.  As Harry pulled around the pumps, an SUV pulled out.  The only problem was the pump handle was still in the gas intake. As the SUV pulled forward the handle broke off and gasoline is spilling everywhere.  A motor home was in the next lane and he jumped in and moved away from the pumps.  People started running everywhere.  

When went left the Visitor Center we saw the employees out by the pumps with brooms and what appeared to be something like kitty litter.  Needless to say the one lane that was open had a huge line of vehicles waiting to fuel up. 

This Visitor Center was nice, but not as large as others we've visited. 

This is the town of Glennallen.  I wouldn't think you'd ever get tired of looking at this scenery.

The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park was a few miles down the road and we were told that the Park Rangers give a great lecture on the park.

The last ranger presentation was at 2:30 so we missed it. We asked about seeing the movie in the theater but it began ten minutes earlier.  We were told they could put the same video on for us in the visitor center where they had 6 comfy looking chairs.   We actually were able to see the one about the National Park and a second one about the Kennicott Mine.

Bill was fascinated by the fish wheel.  We did see a place where you can buy your permit to use one.

If you've been reading my blog, you know I don't go into a lot of detail but I just need to state a few things about this park. 

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is as large as the state of Connecticut.  It is also the largest National Park.  It has the highest coastal mountains in the world.  

Not sure where we are going tomorrow.  When we left this morning our plans were to go to Valdez, but sometimes the decisions change.  We're at a cross roads so we have a lot of choices.  Someone check the weather forecast and see where the sun is shining we'll be headed in that direction.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Love following all your adventures, most of which bring back fond memories for us. Except for the problem at the gas station! Glad the staff was on their toes to start soaking up the spill. What they used may have actually been kitty litter, as it's a great liquid absorbing product. Beautiful scenery. The taller mountains actually make their own weather because when the sun starts melting snow, clouds start to form. Just like Denali. Whatever decision you make, I'm sure you'll find more to appreciate!

  2. You guys are having the trip of your lives. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pics. Hope the roads get better.

  4. You are bringing back great memories...Glad you are enjoying!!! Rollie and Janet

  5. While we were in Alaska in 2008, I was curious too to know the largest National Park in the US. We were walking not far the Wrangell area and I asked a ranger. He/She told me and I was surprised...thought the largest was in the lower 48. We met a few that traveled to the park; we saw it from a distance. Continue enjoying!!! Lynn Cross

  6. Was the driver of the SUV old and forgetful like us 😀

  7. We have friends that drove into Alaska and said the roads were terrible the entire way. Yuck.
    I love the scenery. The snow-covered mountains looks awesome.

  8. Just getting caught up after a few busy days.
    The stuff that looked like Kitty Litter is called Absorb All and is used for Oil or Fuel Spills.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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