Friday, June 16, 2017

Lost and Found

Kenai, Alaska
Beluga Lookout RV Park

As we walked outside to enjoy the sunshine, Harry was all excited because he just saw an eagle with a squirrel in his mouth.  I don't know if it was the same one that wanted to ride along with us in Lairds Hot Springs, but if it was, I hope the eagle enjoyed it.  

The beautiful scenery was made even better once we learned that the smoke from Rita Mountain was the active volcano that we could see.  

Carlena and I decided that we needed to do some laundry and since this was such a nice RV park with a clean laundry today was the day.  

After the laundry was finished, and put away my hearing aids started beeping telling me it was time to change the batteries.  Since Bill has had so much experience with changing the batteries and domes, he changed mine.  Once he finished with the first one, he asked where the other one was located.  I thought for sure it was on the table with the other.  After looking all around, I found it on the floor under the table.  It was a good thing we didn't step on it.

Carlena and Harry wanted to top off their fuel tank and stop at the Kenai Visitor Information Center, so I went to get Bill.  He realized he only had one hearing aid.  I had trimmed his beard at the picnic table so we looked all around it.  Harry and Carlena walked over to the bluff where Bill had been taking pictures looking for the hearing aid.  I went and retrieved the trash out of the dumpster checking to make sure it didn't get thrown out.  

I can't tell you all the places we looked.  This hearing aid was really hidden.  I'm really desperate and looking in strange places like the fridge and kitchen cupboards. I checked the bedroom again to make sure it hadn't fallen under the bed.  I remembered seeing it last night on the dresser.  Don't ask me why, but I opened the dresser drawer. Earlier in the day when I was putting Bill's clean underwear away, I pulled out a belt that didn't belong in that drawer.   I finally lifted the clean underwear and there was the hearing aid.  I must have put the underwear on the dresser on top of the hearing aid and it fell into the drawer when I put them in the drawer.  

We were all happy to find it and breathed a sigh of relieve. 

To celebrate the discovery of the hearing aid, we stopped at the Moose is Loose Bakery.  

Let me tell you, this is by far the best bakery I've ever been to.  We really refrained and only bought one box full.  

Besides all this, they had all kinds of specialty breads and a nice gift shop.

If you happen to visit Alaska and and visit the Kenai Pennisula be sure and stop here in Soldatna.

After the bakery we stopped at the  Soldatna Visitor Center which is located on the banks of the Kenai River. 

These two men had just caught a bunch of salmon and were cleaning the fish and throwing the scraps to the birds.

This fishing bridge was beautiful and well designed for their weather.

The Information Center had a nice display of ivory carvings and a huge tusk.

Bill asked Harry if this was the size fish he'd catch if he went on a fish charter.  

I don't know long the fish bridge was, but it is a long walk and we worked up an appetite.

We found a small steakhouse for dinner that turned out to be really good.  We all went home with enough food for dinner tomorrow.  Of course, I think there was a reason we didn't finish our meal and the reason is in that box!

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Good thing you found the hearing aides much too expensive to loose. I am lost without mine. When I take mine off they go right in a "Stay Dri" Hearing Aide Dehumidifier container so that they don't get lost.
    That box of pastries sure looks tasty.

  2. You made me laugh. We are all the same at this age, losing things all the time.


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