Friday, June 23, 2017

Met Someone Who Experienced the Earthquake

Palmer, Alaska
Elk's Lodge

I was up early this morning but was just lounging around since we weren't leaving until 10 am.  I was upstairs when I heard Bill talking to someone.  I thought it was Carlena.  I came downstairs and realized Bill was talking to a strange woman.  It seems that Diane Hitzel has been following the blog and when she knew her friend Cheryl was also here at the lodge she told her to come over and say "hi".  It's really a small world out there.  

This morning Harry drove us to Anchorage.  Carlena and I had found this place that had a movie about the 1964 earthquake.  I didn't look like much when we got there, but we went in anyway.  The movie lasted 18 minutes.  We were told if motion bothered us to sit in the front row seats. 

There was a lady with her elderly dad in the theater with us. He wanted to sit in the shaky seats and she helped him up the steps to the seat.  He had a walker and a cane.  She told us they were in Anchorage and experienced the earthquake.  She said the building where her father worked was completely destroyed.  

We still haven't decided if we want to take the train ride to Denali.  All we've been able to find is a brochure on the departure times.  The Information Center is two blocks away so we walked down to get some information.

We walked into the Information Center which is locating in an original building.  

Along the edge of the ceiling were foreign currency bills. There were many countries but a lot of country labels had no bills.  I asked about them, and was told that someone broke in and stole all the money.  I guess  that summed up how I felt about downtown Anchorage, uncomfortable.

In the weather forecasts here, they always mention the number of hours of daylight--daylight 19 hours, 20 minutes, 21 seconds.  Did you notice it's 27 seconds shorter than last night?

This sculpture joined the two buildings that housed the information center.

We stopped in a few souvenir shops.  I really liked this pot and went inside to see the price.  It was $150.00 and then I noticed something else.  It was made in Indonesia!

 How old do you think these buildings are?

We stopped at the train depot to check on the Denali tickets.  We decided it wasn't for us, since you'd have to stay overnight.

Here's the Eisenhower monument.  

Sharon and Roger came over to the Elk's lodge to join us for dinner.  Our neighbors here, Marsha and Glenn also joined us but they had already had dinner.  Harry, Carlena, Bill, Roger, Sharon and I all ordered the special.  All I can say, is I'm glad they had a salad bar and I wasn't hungry.  It was terrible.  

Look what Sharon made for us.  Homemade bread and brownies.  She brought two loaves of bread and said I could have both or I could share with Carlena.  It was a hard choice, but Carlena did get a loaf.  

I didn't have my camera for dinner but when we left I did get my camera for a photo.  Roger is such a good sport.  He had his hair cut in Whitehorse for $25.00.  He normally has hair that could be on a TV ad.  

Hopefully, it won't be so long between visits and we'll see them again in the near future.  

Doesn't Roger look better with his hat on?

Tomorrow is the Scottish Highlands Games.  Looking forward to it.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. We agree about Anchorage just another big city.

  2. Even with little to find your are still finding interesting things to see and do.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. The train ride to Denali is a long one.... 8 hrs each way. For the most part the tracks parallel the hwy.
    Only departure a day, around 8am - 4pm.

  4. Since there is only 1 departure,if you planned on getting into Denali, you would need to stay 2 nights. And without wheels you'd need to stay at one of the cruisetour lodges or hotels that offer a shuttle to/from the park.
    BTW, if you DO go to Denali, i recommend the shuttle bus to Eielson Visitor Center.
    p.s glad you enjoyed Moose is Loose !

    1. Thanks for the info, I think we'll do that one.

    2. Thanks for the info. Eielson sounds like something we'd enjoy.

  5. I would be interested to see a movie on the 1964 earthquake. I was there, 12 years old. The house shook and shook. The TV rolled across the living room and back. The telephone poles outside nearly touched ground on either side. We had to evacuate for fear of flooding from Tsunami. Luckily my Dad was not at work that day for he worked in the JC Penny building which collapsed. Here are a few photos I have: You Gotta see Denali!

    1. Chris, there was someone on the movie who talked about going shopping at the JC Penny building. Thanks, for the photo link.


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