Thursday, June 15, 2017

Moose in Town

Kenai, Alaska
Beluga Lookout Cabin and RV Park

The front row of motor homes left and there is only one in that row now.  It surely gives us a much better view of the Cook Inlet.
Another beautiful sunshine day.  It's in the 60's but it's dry like the Arizona climate.  Actually it's like being in Arizona in the winter.   

Bill wanted to get the oil changed on the truck.  We found an oil change place and they took the truck right in.  Harry and Carlena were also having theirs done too.  

Our truck was finished first, so we drove over to the Bargain Basement.  It was a thrift store that had rooms that kept going and going.  It didn't look very large, but ended up being huge inside and packed to the ceiling with stuff.  Not that we found any stuff to take home, but interesting to see how valuable some of the stuff was and how cheap other stuff was. 

We took a drive up to Nikiski where Bill found diesel at $2.76.  As we were driving up the road, Harry and I both saw a moose at the same time.  Bill turned around and drove back.  Harry walked down the road with cameras in hand. 

Isn't she beautiful?  While Harry had the cameras, a bald eagle circled over us.  All this in the middle of town.

Bill and I had walked past the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church yesterday when we took Boo for a walk on the beach.  We took Carlena and Harry by it today to show it to them.

This church is one of the oldest standing Orthodox churches in Alaska which still holds regular services.  It was constructed in 1894 and is a National Historic landmark.

In 1949 this wooden hull commercial fishing boat was a stern picker which used the  back of the boat for the net.

It doesn't look like a donkey to me, but this steam donkey was used to lift the fishing boats out of the inlet where they were placed on boards for winter storage.

This 1929 double-ended drift boat didn't not have an engine as it used sails, long oars and wooden tillers.

We drove past the Kenai Historic Cabin Park but the gate was locked.  It was pretty obvious that these have been neglected. 

When we came home, we walked down to the office and added another day here.  It's such a beautiful location and other than the occasional airplane it's perfect. 

Turtle Safely............

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