Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nice today but the record in winter was minus 83.

Tok, Alaska
Three Bears Campground

There are only two other rigs here, besides the three Loosey Goosey ones.  I heard a motor running and noticed it was Dennis and Carol pulling out.  

I ran over to say "see 'ya" and thank Dennis for all the hard work he's put into the Loosey Goosey.  Carol made a comment about how warm it was, since I was in shorts.  She only had one shirt on.  You know it was warm.  

Carlena, Harry and I went across the street to the expensive park to use their laundry.  Not only is it expensive for a nightly stay, but for laundry.  It was $4.50 a load and a quarter for five minutes of drying.  

Since we leave here tomorrow, we checked the maps for a direction.  Okay, it's a plan.  Then we check that location's weather and decide to head in an entirely different direction.  No real plans and the way we love to travel.  It's all about the freedom to do what you want and when.  

When we finished the laundry and returned home, Bill had washed the truck.  It surely looks much better.  He always gets such a good feeling when he's finished cleaning it.  I noticed that the orange gremlin must have been around the truck.  Do you see signs that Dennis Hill might have been here?

Carlena said Harry wanted to go back to Fast Eddy's for some more mushrooms.  No problem for us, we were ready to go.  Bill and I just shared an order today as we still have leftover ones from last night.  

We knew we couldn't leave town without a trip to the Information Center.  They are so much more than an Information Center in most states.

The buildings are gorgeous and the people are so helpful.

Robbie Robinson, who was a Territorial Marshal, traded fence posts for these snowshoes.  He used these while he was in Tok to get from cabin to cabin when he needed to be off the beaten path for his duties.

Ever since we saw our first pair of live wolves, I want more pictures of them. 

The bead work in these gloves is beautiful.

I really can't explain why this restaurant has grass on its roof, but they do take care or it as there were two lawn mowers on the roof as well. 


Here's another view of it.

We found an interesting gift shop to browse around.

It was a huge store with even a second floor.  Prices were not bad.  

I believe we are taking the Tok Cutoff tomorrow.  Who knows where we will stop.  We've all made Carlena the official navigator.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Love those battered mushrooms, they can be addicting.

  2. Good thing I don't have a scale with me.

  3. Tok is an interesting little town.

  4. Grass on the roof is for insulation.

  5. We loved Fast Eddie's, the salad bar was great. We stopped there both directions. Sure enjoying your blog, I'm making lots of note, as were going back to AK next year. Becki


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