Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trouble at the Border

Tok, Alaska
Three Bears RV Park

Beautiful weather once again and only a two hour drive gave Carlena and I time to check out the combo fuel, laundry, grocery and gift shop before we pulled out of Beaver Creek RV park.  We had to take advantage of the Canadian exchange rate and also the 10% discount on purchases we made for staying at the park.  
The road was rough so we were traveling at a slower speed which gave us a chance to see two big cats.  Bill seemed to think they were mountain lions.  They moved so quickly that I didn't get a photo.

This was right before the international border but on the Yukon side. 

If you were coming around the bend at a normal speed you might miss the pull off for the signage.  I guess the frost heaves are good for slowing you down so you don't miss a turn off.

The United States Border, just a quick stop and we'll be in Alaska.  That's not exactly correct.

There were three lanes, of which two were open.  There was a sign that said RV's and cars to the left.  Bill pulled into the left lane and we saw this clearance sign.  Oops, we won't fit.  Harry was behind us so he had to back up so we could back up and go through the commercial truck lane.  

We were hoping that once we were back in the United States the road would improve. It did have center lines and edge lines but still some frost heaves.

Guess who is here?  Yes, our faithful leader of the Loosey Goosey Gang, Dennis Hill.

We sat outside and enjoyed the day.  Briggs and Ann are across the street in another RV park.  

 Dennis told us that we needed to visit Mukluk Land which opened at 2 pm.  In the mean time, Briggs came over and joined everyone while Ann was cooking meals for boon docking days.

As we were getting ready to drive to Mukluk Land I noticed something strange about the truck.  Do you notice it too?  Our chicken has been snatched from our antenna!

Dennis and Carol wouldn't tell us what Mukluk was, just that we'd enjoy it.

The entrance fee said $4.50 for seniors but Beth told us that not everything is up and running yet, so $5 per couple.

She immediately handed Harry and Bill four tokens and had them play skee ball. There was a lot of laughter.  

Bill and Harry both played four games.  

How do you like the ceiling in this building?

Carlena and I beat the guys and we were rewarded with twenty five cents worth of candy.  We were given a bag to put our winnings in.  I didn't bother, I ate mine.  

Beth then gave us a map and told us to follow the trails to see the other exhibits.

Let's just say there were some unusual things. Ranging from outhouses to pipeline.  I'll just one other word--dolls.  

As we came back to the admission building we were told that we could play miniature golf.

We had told Dennis and Carol we'd meet them at Fast Eddy's at 5 pm so we didn't have time to finish the game.

I was happy that wasn't my ball down in that toilet.

Briggs and Ann were also meeting us at Fast Eddy's.  I'm sorry I didn't have the camera with us to show you the fried mushrooms that Fast Eddy's are famous for.

We came back and sat outside with Dennis and Carol, and Harry and Carlena.  I didn't stay outside more than an hour before I was ready to call it a night.  We did lose an hour with the time change. 

Turtle Safely........


  1. Now you in Alaska and can have even more fun.

  2. Boy someone doesn't know how tall an RV really is. Glad you made it to Alaska. Enjoy the adventure.

    1. Of course if we went through it, we'd have to pay for the damage.

  3. Glad you noticed that sign. Like Marsha said people that design those places haven't got a clue as to how tall RVs are.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Alaska!

    It's about time.

  4. You didn't lose an hour, you gained it as Alaska Time is one hour earlier than Pacific Time. Glad you caught the clearance sign before doing damage. I don't remember that being a problem for us, but we probably went through another border crossing because we drove the Top of the World Highway. Love those mushrooms at Fast Eddy's!

  5. WOW big cats that is something we did not see.

  6. wow, Alaska is so beautiful. Its nature is unbelievable.


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