Thursday, June 1, 2017

Under 50

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Pioneer RV Park

We arrived at the RV park by 10:30.  Yes, we didn't have far to drive today--less than 50 miles.  Bill and Harry saw Briggs and Charlie while we were registering at the RV office. It didn't take long to unhitch.  We decided to fix lunch and then go into town to visit the information center.  

I was just putting things away when I saw this class C pull in next to us.  Yes, it was Carol and Dennis Hill. They came inside to visit and I told Harry and Carlena to come over too.

After Dennis and Carol left, Bill drove us into town to the visitor center.  Most people ask about historic sites or art galleries.  Our most important question was "where's a hair salon?".

There were four hair salons in town.  We walked down to the first one we found and they couldn't take us.  The girl had lots of piercing and tattoos everywhere.  The second place we stopped, said they could take us tomorrow.  As we walked back to the truck we found the third place.  They could take us in 30 minutes.  When we walked back a little early, they took us right away.  Usually when you go into a salon, they start cutting right away.  This girl took her time and made suggestions based on my straight fine thin limp hair.  Carlena and I were both pleased with the results.  Of course, we'll see what it looks like when I do it.  

Isn't this a great idea for supporting local charities?

Sometimes you see things that remind you that you are in a foreign country.

I checked the city map and found that there was an Old Log Church a block away. Since the three of us were waiting for Carlena to get her nails done, we decided to tour it.  

It was small and there weren't many displays.

I thought this photo of Harry made him look like he had a halo.

This was the best display of the church.  The bead work was beautiful.

Two doors down, we found the log house skyscraper.  Not exactly what we expected to find.

We found many buildings with murals.

I'm not sure if they were done by the same artist or not.

This is about as close to gold panning as the guys have done. They better get busy and find enough to finance this adventure.

It's really a pretty city.  It's hard to believe this city of over 29,000 is the largest in the Territory.  Of course there are only around 9,000 people that live elsewhere in the Yukon.  

The community market is held on Thursday's beginning at 3 pm.  We were expecting to find some fresh vegetables.  

We watched some birds attacking an eagle in flight.  The photo didn't come out well, but it was fun watching these tiny birds going after an eagle with a fish.  

How do you like Carlena's haircut? She also got that great jacket when we were in Skagway.  

The girl that did my hair said she has a 20 minute walk to work and it gets down to -40.  You can look at these dogs and know why they have such thick hair.

It was getting late and we missed happy hour so we went for dinner.  We all enjoyed our dinner at Earl's.  It was cool out so we ate inside, but they had a beautiful deck.  

Here's a photo I took this morning before we left Carcross. Aren't the clouds around that mountain beautiful?

Turtle Safely..........


  1. Ii know you haven't asked for advice and it is probably already in your plans..... but just in case you haven't planned it, The Yukon Transportation Museum and the World's Largest weathervane at the airport is well worth your time!

    1. Yes, we plan to do that today or tomorrow. We also want to see the McBride Museum.

  2. More fun time exploring and you finally got your hair cut good deal.

    1. Hopefully, it won't need a trim for awhile.

  3. Looking like you are still having fun. Great Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You really should just come up and explore the area. You are so much closer than we were.


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