Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Whale Watching

Kenai, Alaska
Beluga Lookout RV

When we pulled out of Portage Valley this morning, it started to sprinkle a little.  Even though the park is off the beaten path, Bill had to back up as a dump truck came the other way across the one lane bridge.  

Before we were too far the sprinkles stopped and the sun came out.

The road wasn't bad but we did notice more cars on the road.  We traveled along the Kenai River and saw many rafts with people going down the white water. If we hadn't been in Alaska all this time we wouldn't have even noticed the few cars.  

Last night we were going to Seward, Homer and or Soldatna.  Where did we end up, Kenai?  Not everyone could travel like we do, but lucky for us the Schoolcraft's are on the same page.  We changed our mind right before we pulled out.  

The park isn't crowded.  We are on a bluff looking out at the Cook Inlet.  The sites are narrow and short, but we are allowed to park the truck in the next site.  

The weather wasn't bad, but the wind was cold. We walked over and knocked on Carlena and Harry's door to ask if Boo could come outside and play.  

The beach is right below us, but you need to walk a block away to take the Meek Trail down to the beach.  

The view here is awesome.

Can you see the three mountain ranges?  Denali can be seen from here.

Boo loves walking on fences and walls.  She just hopped up on the wall and looked back at Bill.

This trail is at the former site of the Russian Fort which was built in 1791.  

You can see how narrow these sites are.

We stopped at the Kenai Information and Cultural center to pick up some information on a fishing charter.  

The information center was very nice.

The exhibits were very well done.

Look at the bead work on these moccasins.

Every exhibit always has a dog sled in Alaska as does museums in the lower 48 always have a plow.

"This trophy-sized catch was hooked and landed by John and Bryan Lowe and friend Vincent Hooper on July 9, 1987, after a two-hour struggle that bent the grappling hook and broke the snag into three pieces.  John Lowe estimated this infamous "hook-grabbing, line-busting monster" weighed about 600 pounds when wet, and contains at least 2,500 lures, most of them Spin-N-Glos with sinkers and swivels.

In addition to the large assortment of fishing equipment, the snag managed to seize spark plugs and a complete fishing rig, Lowe said of his catch."

I hope I can catch something better than this catch on our trip. 

Bill is enjoying the exhibits. 

Here's a replica of an offshore rig.

There was another room with woodworker's works on display.
This wooden vase was immense.

These were all so different from one artist to another.

I wish I knew what kinds of wood were in these items.

This was by far my favorite piece.  I was surprised by the much lower prices than I expected.

It's time to eat and Harry found a brochure about a place nearby.

It was definitely popular.

So what do you order when you visit the Burger Bus?  Why, of course, fish and chips.

You walk up to the window and place your order.  You are told it will be 15 minutes for your meal.  It was a constant flow of people coming in.  

Hopefully, we'll see another whale from one of the many viewing places here. 

Turtle Safely........


  1. Enjoying your trip - thx for sharing.
    I highly recommend The Moose is Loose Bakery in Soldotna.
    As an fyi, Fred Meyer and Safeway/Carrs have gas pumps at many of their locations. If you use their club card when you buy groceries, you get a discount at the pump.

  2. Thanks for the info, we've been using our Fry's card at Fred Meyer but I didn't know about Carrs. We bought propane yesterday for $2.89 which is a dollar higher than when we left Arizona. Diesel is $2.81 here.


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