Saturday, May 28, 2022

Iceland and Ireland Trip

Akureyri, Iceland

I'm already behind three days, but what else is new?

Bill and I were awake at 4 am so decided just to get up and get ready.  Our plan was to leave for the airport at 5:30 am, allowing a few extra minutes for morning traffic.  As it turned out, we didn't leave until 6:41, but traffic was light for that time of the day.  The car was parked 41 minutes later in the parking garage.  Harry and Carlena were already checked in by the time we arrived at the terminal.  

To get the best connections we took the first flight to San Francisco with a 2 and half hour wait for the international flight.  Our seats were perfect, and we all agreed we had the best seat location of anyone on the plane.  Once on the plane we had to wait for cargo to be loaded--one hour and 15 minutes.  Once we took off the captain made up most of the time by landing in Amsterdam 20 minutes late.  

What a difference in Amsterdam today than our first visit.  It's much cleaner and nicer.

The weather was nice but when we crossed the street to get on the bus, it was very windy.  Check in was very easy with everything on your phone.  Thank goodness, we did a second proctored test before we left home.  Our test that we took on Wednesday still hasn't come back yet.  Did't need it to fly, but needed it to board the ship.

The jet lag hit us pretty hard.  Neither of us slept on the plane.  There were too many good movies to watch.  One of the problems of taking an early flight is you just woke up from sleeping and aren't sleepy, at least three of us weren't sleepy.

After dinner last night we went straight back to the cabin and to bed.  We really slept in this morning so didn't see Harry and Carlena until later.  

A nice couple that lives in the Netherlands told us that the Ukranian people that fled their country were being housed in the river boats.  I've never seen that many river boats in one place before.

The cruise that we took last July only had about 400 on board.  Looks like the Covid 19 worries are gone by the number of people on this ship.  I doubt there are very many empty cabins.  

Looking forward to our next trip that has a maximum of 160 people on board.  

The ship wifi is slow so don't know how well photos will load.

Turtle Safely........

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