Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bill shut down the Motor Vehicle Department

Casa Grande, Arizona

Where do the days go?  

I lost about half of my last blog.  I now have a new jetpack and hope this will last me longer than the last two.  I spent 3 hours in the Verizon store and after all that time, they decided my jetpack was defective and they would mail me a new one.  I was so glad I didn't stop while Sandie and I went shopping and ruin the good time we were having.  I have to deal with someone else regarding the extra charges.

Polly, Vern and Melissa where here on Sunday and as always we enjoyed their visit.  Polly is finally starting to recover from the surgery.  

Monday we enjoyed our traditional corned beef and cabbage with my Dad.  It sure tasted good and I have the leftovers in the freezer for a day we are traveling.  Did I mention hitch itch?

Yesterday we pulled the trailer out to have the brakes checked and make sure we are ready for the road.  Since we already had the truck out, we took it in for an oil change as it was ladies day and 10% off.  A fairly quick, until we got in line to pay, stop for a few supplies at Walmart for some upcoming potlucks.  We were on a roll, so decided to take the car in for an oil change.  We put on 3,000 miles on it in a year.  Most of that was taking Dad to the VA in Tucson or to the luncheons in Apache Junction.  Did I mention hitch itch?

I wanted to get some sticks for the frozen margarita Popsicle and found them in the Dollar Store.  Bill and I squeezed limes the rest of the evening but they are in the freezer and ready to be transferred to the trailer.  Did I mention hitch itch?

Polly called last night to say they have reservations for two nights at North Ranch.  They wanted to take the new trailer out and try it out before they take it to Mexico.  They took us out on our maiden voyage back in 2008 and we decided it should be fair play.  We thought it was kind of unique that they bought their new trailer on the same day and month as when we bought our first one.  They know we'll be in class while we are there, but they'll be busy figuring out what switch works what.  

Don and Sharon Del Rosario will be here tomorrow and we already know where we are going for dinner.  Yippee, I don't have to cook.  We enjoyed traveling with them so much last summer, except for the awful weather when we went over the Mackinaw Bridge.  We really didn't have much time to visit with them in Parker and Quartzite but friends just seem to pick up again where we left off.  

Polly and Vern rode up to the Chapter 45 luncheon with us.  We stopped at Jim and Sandie's on the way but were pressed for time so didn't visit very long.  I waved at Nick and Terry Russell's motor home as we went by.  

The luncheon was the last of the season and had a huge turn out.  Of course, they had a special menu since it was the last one and I think that drew out more people.  

It was good to see Dick and Judy George.  Dick has had some major health issues but he seems to have a good attitude.  I'm sure it wasn't easy to make that long trip today but I'm sure all the members appreciated his effort.  

Speaking of effort, Bob Moritz was also at the luncheon.  I always admired how Bob and Nancy never complained no matter what they were dealt.  Even though Nancy is gone that hasn't changed Bob.  He still never complains.  A lot of people could take lessons from him.  

John and Gerri Beckman brought us a bottle of Tekali, the Mexican almond tequila, when they were in Mexico last week.  Did I say thank you?

One quick stop at the Ranch produce store and we were off to Costco to pick up Bill's sunglasses.  He decided rather than have a pair of readers hanging around his neck, he'd rather be wearing glasses.  The tops of the bifocals have a very weak prescription but he needed the lens for reading.  He picked out a frame and they assured us they would be in before we leave.  

Polly asked me when you can get your driver's license renewed and I said I'd just looked it up for Bill because his expires in July and we need to get it renewed before we leave town.  We both laughed that we had enough time left in the day to get it taken care of.  We dropped them off around 2 as Vern was anxious to get their trailer and get it packed.  Did I mention I have hitch itch?

As we were driving home we decided to stop at the Motor Vehicle Department and renew Bill's license.   It couldn't take too long, could it?  Did we forget it was spring break and every teenager was waiting to take their driving test?  We walked in and the line was only to the door.  I've seen the line outside the door before.  Bill finally got his number and filled out the paperwork.  He doesn't require glasses for driving.  They finally called his number and took his picture.  We're getting close......we waited and waited and waited.  Finally one girl yells out we're down.  The other ones yells she can't give out any numbers.  Can you imagine how confused these people would be if they didn't have a number to call out?  Around 4:30 the lady said to Bill you'll have to come back tomorrow and get a new number.  She said his picture would expire at midnight.  All I can figure out is that must have been some picture to cause the whole system to go down.   

Don and Sharon, if we aren't home when you get here tomorrow, just look for us at the MVD.

I really enjoy your comments and promise to get back to you.

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. I'm tired just reading your blog. What a day. And you have to go back. Maybe next week? Thanks again for the vent cover. It was good to see Polly walking so good. A big turnout for the luncheon - wonderful.


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