Saturday, March 8, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Casa Grande, Arizona

Today was one of those days where you get so much done in a short time, it's hard to believe.  

Our subdivision had a community wide garage sale.  Bill and I did our morning walk very early as the sale started at 7 am.  We only did a little 1.5 mile walk but it was chilly and we both had on shorts.  

The whole community garage sale didn't have much we wanted.  Two paperback books were a quarter each and one Barlow pocket knife was $4. That's all we bought. 

It was still early so we waited around until 9 am to attend the Casa Grande Art Show at Peart Park.  I am totally amazed at the amount of talent some people have.  There were some beautiful masks with all kinds of feathers on them.  

One man made jewelry out of all kinds of coins.  We asked him if he could make some out of some challenge coins.  He showed us his money clip that was made out of buffalo leather.  It was very pricey but he said it took about 22 hours to carve one out.  I've seen this artwork done before, but not as well done as his.  

I saw a beautiful piece that was reduced to $1400.  It was a bunch of feathers with a scene painted on them.  There were also many paintings, jewelry and pottery.  It was one gorgeous day as usual in Arizona at this time of the year.  

I talked with Vern and he was just leaving to pick up the new coach.  We piled into the car and headed to Chandler.  Now I know I hadn't mentioned this on the blog, but I think most everyone has had a chance to see their new coach.  If you haven't, here's some photos.

This photo is before I started helping them.
Bill's checking out the dishwasher. He said he's been replaced.
Vern says "there's a button to operate everything.  I wonder what that one will do?"
Look what happen's to that beautiful place when I started to help.  
After nearly all the kitchen stuff found a place in its new home, this whole wall of cabinets were still empty.
There's still room for more stuff!  There is a basement at the rear that holds the automatic electric cord reel.  
One thing I did notice, in our fifth wheel the valves are labeled black and gray, in this luxury one the valves are labeled body waste and liquid waste.  Of course this one also has electric steps.

After a nice lunch with Polly and Vern, we figured we had put a big dent in the stuff.  All the boxes and stuff were inside the coach, there were about 4 boxes for the overhead cabinets, the three boxes for the bathroom and four for the bedroom stuff was upstairs.  It took us two hours last week to empty the Teton out and four hours to get the kitchen repacked.  A couple more hours and it should be ready to go.  

We made a quick stop at the supermarket to prepare for friends coming into town next week.  Steaks were 50% off, so we grabbed some for the grill to end our day.  

Yesterday Bill joined the ranks of the Walmart shopper.  Look for his photo in the e-mails showing the strange sightings of Wal-mart.  

  I told him it was time to retire these shorts.  I also said he could have had more sexy looking underwear than white ones.  He said they were clean in case he got in an accident.

He also wore these to Stephanie for his first hair cut since Quartzite  back in January.  There still wasn't much hair to cut, but it did look better when she was finished.  

That's all folks for today.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. That is a beautiful rig. So huge. That's too funny - Jim came home today with a big hole in his shorts also. Good thing we found him three new pair. See you guys on Monday.

  2. Glad to see you are having fun. We just returned from Yuma where we attended the Good Sam State Samboree


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