Friday, March 21, 2014


Congress, Arizona
North Ranch 
Site 57
Back In

Yesterday began with wondering what to do first.  I called the dentist at 8 am and the girl asked how soon could Bill be there.  I said about 3 minutes and waved him out the door.  

Bill returned in about 15 minutes and about one hundred dollars poorer.  Can you imagine they would charge that much just to have the girl not the dentist cement it back on?   I found cement in the drug store to glue a tooth cap back on for $2.79.  What a profit!

That didn't take long, shall we try the Motor Vehicle Department?  The line was all the way from the receptionist desk to the door.  It looks like everyone thought if you go early it won't take as long.  Bill walked right up to the desk ahead of everyone in the line.  The women the day before had given him a sheet of paper with "expedite, system down".  I couldn't believe it, but she gave him a number without saying a word.  Do you think they were afraid he might break the system again?  There were three people called before Bill to get their photo taken.  Okay, we're on a roll all we have to do is pay the fee and pick up the new driver's license.  Of course, you had to wait for your number to pay but once that was done, we should be out of here.  The women handed Bill his license and said to check it.  Oh no, the address is wrong.  She took the license back and we expected to have to go through the whole process again but in less than 10 minutes we had the license and was headed out the door.  

We had a $100 check for referring Ray and Cindy and decided to stop at the bank.  Thank you again Ray and Cindy.

Now all we have to do is pick up the 5th wheel at Norris RV  and we should be home before Don and Sharon arrive.  Bill and I both saw our 5er on the left hand row on the side of the office so I ran in to pay and Bill backed the truck up to hitch up.  As I paid the invoice, Butch says it should be easier if you go around the building.  I told him, there was no problem we had plenty of room.  He again said he thought we should go around the building.  He walked out the door with me and said it's over here.  Well over here was the right side of the lot.  Yep, we almost hitched on to the wrong one.  And he was right, it was easier to circle the building.  

We took the rig over to the RV park and dumped the tanks.  Hadn't dumped our tanks from our week in Lake Havasau.  We no more got the rig parked in front of the house, than Sharon called to say they were parked and would be over about 2 pm.  Sharon called around 2 to say that they had a problem with the satellite and couldn't get it down.  A short time later, they were at the front door.  They found someone in the valley that would drive down and be there by 4 to fix it.  They went back over to the RV park and the repairman arrived at 4:03.  We were figuring it was going to be late before we could go to dinner but it was repaired very quickly.  Excellent service and priced right!  They really lucked out finding a good repairman.  

Don had wanted to go to Bedillion's but changed his mind and picked Cracker Barrel.  I was waiting to see what Bill decided to order since the last few times we've eaten out he always seems to get the worst thing and I didn't want to order the same thing.  He lucked out, and had a good meal. Sorry I forgot the camera, but I'm sure Sharon will post some photos.

We said good night to Don and Sharon and agreed to meet at the rest stop this morning.  Sharon lead the way and we negotiated the traffic very well.  
The smog was really bad in Phoenix.

The team roping was going strong when we passed it in Wickenberg.  

Polly and Vern were taking the northern route through Phoenix and we were taking the southern.  We arrived at North Ranch before lunch hour and Polly and Vern rolled in before we were set up.  

The weather was perfect for Happy Hour.

Don and Sharon wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  What a great choice!  Even Bill had a good meal.  Polly and Vern cooked their first meal in their new 5th wheel. 

 Lunch plans for tomorrow sound very interesting but we should be back in time for happy hour.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. You guys should have bought a lottery ticket. You were really on a roll. Have a great time and tell everybody hi for us.

  2. I'm glad Lippert came through for you. p.s. Tell Sandi how much I like mine. lol


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