Monday, March 24, 2014


Congress, Arizona
North Ranch Escapees Park #57

Yesterday morning Polly and Vern hitched up.  Vern got to dump and do all the things associated with RVing.  He was happy to say he didn't find anything that needs attention or adjustments.  
Polly and Vern Fogler on their maiden voyage with their new Mobile Suites.

The next thing we knew they were headed down the road.  
Classes started at 1 pm until 4 pm.  I was amazed how fast that time fly by.  Sandy Kruty, the instructor, started the small class with the basics about becoming a pyromaniac.  Don let me use his burner to see if I liked it.  We burned practice pieces with basically three tips.  By the end of the class, I was over talking to Richard about buying my own equipment.

At 4 we left class and hurried back to the coach to prepare dinner and return to the activity center for the ice cream social.  Sorry I didn't take the camera, but it was well attended.  It was nice to see Jerry Anderson.

I couldn't believe how tired I was from my new fun filled hobby.  I must have been really concentrating hard and it wore me out as I was ready for bed at 9.  

Classes began at 8:15 today and I was eager to begin.  I bought my burner from Richard Zerbel and got myself set up to burn.  I worked on the sample board and quickly started getting bored.  Susie Orr had joined us yesterday, but she said it wasn't for her and moved over to the gourd classes.   I was beginning to think maybe I made a mistake and I wouldn't do this once the week was over.  Don Del Rosario was sitting next to me and he was burning some beautiful things.  He suggested I try something else.  I did a kokopelli  and was pleasantly surprised by the results.  Hey, this is fun now!  I then tried a butterfly and it really looks like a butterfly.  

It was almost time to quit for the day but I found a pattern that I want to try tomorrow and found a board.  I was ready to leave but the woodcarvers have a lot of mess to clean up and since Bill is carving I waited for him.
Here's a photo of the piece Bill is working on.
And here's what I'll be working on tomorrow.
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Turtle Safely............


  1. You guys are having way too much fun! Can't wait to see the final products.

    1. You'll have to try it! We're already talking about coming back next year and maybe also doing the beading.

  2. Nice to hear that all went well for Polly and Vern's maiden voyage. Sure is a beautiful rig. I don't think I'd like wood burning. Anything that requires good hands is not going to work for me. But I can hardly wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

  3. Looks like you are having fun. From Sharon's blog, your work looks good. I still think we'll stick with the beading next year.


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