Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Bank Was Wrong

Casa Grande, Arizona

OK, I did the taxes.  Now that they are in I won't have that hanging over our heads.

Yesterday was the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon in Apache Junction.  It seems that turns into an all day adventure whenever we go.  George and Cheri were planning to go but he couldn't get off work.  Since they weren't riding up with us, I convinced Bill to go back to the doctors office and see about a pair of sunglasses for driving.  We got there shortly after they opened.  Bill found a pair he liked and the girl started adding all the "small extras".  As it turned out the cost of the one pair of glasses was going to be $715 but with the discounts and medicare it was only going to be $452.  Bill sat there for a while, got up and said he'd think about it and left.

Our timing was perfect as we had enough time to stop at the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor center before the luncheon.  Bill and I will be representing Chapter 45 at the Escapade and wanted some information for our table.  The boxes of stuff were very heavy and I'm glad the Escapade will be first on our travels so we won't have to haul them everywhere.

I was surprised by the number of guests that showed up for the luncheon.  There will be one more luncheon until they start up again in November.  

We are having Escapee friends coming to town next week and wanted to pick up a few items at Costco.  I also had a couple of gifts to buy.  

Just for curiosity's sake, we stopped at the optical department in Costco.  Bill found a pair of nice looking sunglasses.  His vision is 20/25 but still decided to get the progressive lenses in the sunglasses.  After all the same extras, the total cost was $184.  Hopefully, he'll have them before we leave for our next outing which is coming up quickly.  

I had a new home gift for Polly and Vern and we stopped  to deliver it.  I knew friends from Pennsylvania were in for a visit and we hadn't seen them since 2001.  Polly still hasn't recovered from her foot surgery in January.  She said they were still planning to go to the Tucson rally with us if she's able to travel.  It was a long day by the time we finally got home.  

Today Bill and I took Dad to the doctor's office for his semiannual appointment.  He'll be 94 on May 2nd and his blood pressure was 122 over 68, and refuses to use a cane.  Since he's legally blind, it would help but he says he's not that old to be using one.  He and the doctor kidded around about all the women at the assisted living center.  

Dad has been living in the same town for 20 years now.  After Bill and I got married we'd take Mom and Dad out to eat.  Bill refused to go one time and he told Dad he wouldn't go unless we bought their dinner.  He said he wanted the rules set and none of this "I'll get the check."  Grown children should pay for their parents.  Everything thing was fine until a few years ago and then Dad started  saying he'd pay.   Well after the doctor visit we took Dad to one of his favorite places for lunch, and Bill said he was paying and Dad just said "thank you".   We were really celebrating as his mind was as clear as a bell and he remembered when Bill was along he'd handle the check.

The doctor ordered a new medicine today so we took Dad to Walmart to pick it up.  We only had to wait about 20 minutes.  

I had to go in and straighten out some additional  charges for his care.  It's amazing how you can go into an assisted living place and how the charges can change in a short time.

Next stop was to the bank to tell them they made an error.  I went to balance my checkbook and found one check cleared the bank in December and in February.  It was a good feeling, telling them they made an error.  First time in 20 years.  

Bill is still keeping track of the number of times I've admitted he was right this year.  I think he's counting by twos at a time, though.

Next week will be busy with friends in and one more trip to Tucson to take Dad to the VA.  

The truck is fueled up and ready for the road.  We'll take it in for the oil change after we get back from the next two rallies.  I'm anxious to see how the new camera works.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. You guys are so busy. Sure hope the weather improves before you head out for Escapade and that there isn't any flooding to worry about. We just had an oil change done on our truck. Sure glad we don't have to do that very often. So much fun to prove the bank wrong.

  2. Jumpin'! That's some expensive sunglasses! I certainly appreciate our optometrist, but I've never been overly keen on paying her prices. It's the "cheaters" for me, I'm afraid.

  3. I hope Bill doesn't have to count too high!


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