Thursday, March 27, 2014

We played hooky...

Congress, Arizona
North Ranch, #57

It was a little cooler this morning, but nothing to stop us from enjoying the day.  Sharon and Don asked us if we wanted to drive to Prescott today.  Our instructor, Sandy, had to drive her husband, Ed, to the doctor today so we didn't have class. Bill had finished his project so it turned out to be a perfect day to play hooky from woodcarver school.  

Sharon drove up the winding mountain road to Prescott.  The Honda really rides well on those kind of roads.  We passed through the little town of Congress and Yarnell.  By the size of Yarnell you can understand why the loss of the firefighters last year was so devastating to that small town.  I'm sure everyone in town knew everyone.  

Peeples Valley was very pretty and Bill loved seeing the ranches.  

We toured the shops on Whiskey Row.  We didn't help the economy out much as Sharon was the only one to buy anything.  Naturally, food was  number one on our minds.  We checked out the menus on a lot of restaurants and we made a unanimous decision to try the Bistro at the Hotel St. Michael.  None of us had ever eaten at that restaurant.  As with most of the historic buildings in Whiskey Row this one was very charming.  It had a tin ceiling and a neat little bar.  

The food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable.
Everyone cleaned their plates and there were generous portions.
The neat thing about Prescott is its history.  The courthouse is located in the center of the town with whiskey row across the street.

The ride back to North Ranch seemed much shorter than the one going to Prescott.  There were a lot of yawns from the passengers with the warm sun shining on the windows and our full bellies.  

Lucky for us we had a professional driver.  Sharon was the first women RV Driving School instructor.  She showed us her skills when someone ran a stop sign and we were cruising at 65 mph.  

Sharon stopped at the overlook and we could see North Ranch way off in the distance.  

I forgot to post the before and after photo of Bill's carving yesterday.  That hunk of wood on the left is what he started with.  What do you think of the completed carving?  I think it's pretty good.
Turtle Safely..........


  1. I love the Prescott area. I really would like to spend some more time up there. I think Bill's carving is better than pretty good. You guys are both so talented. I wouldn't even atttempt something like that.

  2. We ate there too. Wonderful food. I had the macaroni and cheese.

  3. I am so glad you left Paul a birthday comment. We never saw your blog before.

    You two are so talented. I love the lariat bowl. I make pine needle baskets but this would be a treat to learn how to make one of these.

    Paul does tons of carving. He used to do chain saw carving. I love Bill's Santa. I guessed Paul if he could do that, and he said he could try. I am going to publish on the next post some of his latest carvings. Keep up the good work.

    Have you met Louise and Duane? They just arrived and are workcamping. Wonderful nice people. We met them in Livingston years ago and have remained very close friends.

    1. We are coming back next year. Why don't you come to.


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