Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woodcarvers Week-Day 3

Congress, Arizona
North Ranch site 57

I can't believe how fast the days go by.  Bill was so eager to get to class, he walked over before 8 am this morning.  I waited until 8:30 and went with Don.  

I hit the store in the activity center first thing  as I noticed many things were selling fast and I wanted to buy a couple of boxes.  
 This is a photo of the first two items I wood burned.  In case you can't tell what they are one is a kokopelli and the other is a butterfly.  
This is my project for today.  I forgot to bring the camera back after lunch break so I didn't get a photo of what it looked like at the end of the day.    

Bill is ready to paint his project tomorrow morning.  It is looking really good. I'll get a photo before and after he paints it.  

I thought the pyrography class was exempt from the purple heart award but heard someone say be on the alert if someone says "ouch".  I was very careful to turn my machine off before changing the nibs.  I didn't want to wear a purple heart.

 Sharon and Don invited us for dinner.  We were watching the dust storms on TV but didn't have any problems here.  Susie and Denny Orr tried the margarita popscicles.  Denny and I thought they called for seconds.  

Don, our chef, is busy doing the grilling.  

The food and company was excellent.
Are we having a good time?

Tomorrow I am signed up for a lariat bowl class.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I probably won't have much time to burn but hopefully I'll get it finished before we leave here.  

Turtle Safely.........



  1. Love those wood burning projects! I really want to learn how to do that.

    1. We're planning to return next year. Why don't you two come too?

    2. We're planning to return next year. Why don't you two come too?


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