Thursday, October 30, 2014

Amado Day 5

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort
Site 91

I heard Bill speaking with someone this morning around 7:30 am.  I walked downstairs and it was Curtis from introducing himself.  He and I shared emails about the Amado Rally and he was suppose to arrive on Tuesday.  We all know things happen and he had some mechanical problems so he got up and left for Amado about 5:30 am this morning.  We visited for a while and then went over for breakfast that was cooked by De Anza staff.  

Breakfast was very nice and everyone lingered for a little bit while we set up the dog races for CARE.  

I asked John and Karen Knoll if they could help with the ticket sales.  Of course, they had no problem helping out.  Thanks again for John and Karen for your help.

Bob, owner of De Anza,and Bill set up the track on the stage and even turned on the spotlights.  The dogs all had names representing Escapees.  The names were, SKP to My Lou, Boot Camp, Rainbow Park, Escapade, Captain Kay P. and Happy Hour.  

There was a lot of cheering for the dogs.  Bill called out the dogs names as they advanced.  

Hank Whitney came over and helped me move the horses down the track.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the game.  There was over $300 donated to CARE.  

After the races, we walked back to the meeting room to hear a presentation by Curtis.  He explained the advantages of the free RVillage program to RVers.  I think he explained it so that everyone could see how it would benefit them.  

John and Karen came by and asked if we wanted to go to Tubac with them.  We walked around for awhile.  There were a lot of stores that went out of business. 

Happy Hour was changed from 4 pm to after the Sky Med presentation.  Everyone sat outside and visited.  I had some margarita popsicles I shared.  I only had a dozen but it seemed to be enough.  

The potluck dinner started at 5 pm.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The Happy Hour was scheduled after the presentation, but we went didn't stay through all of it.  

Turtle Safely......



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