Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Party is Over....

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort
Site 91

Yesterday we got up early as breakfast was at 7:30, so that those who were taking the tour to Whipple Observatory could be there by 8 am.  

It's amazing but everyone showed up for the included breakfast of sausage and pancakes.  
Bob and Amy did everything possible to ensure we had great food and accommodations.

Bill and I took a tour of the Observatory when we were here with Chapter 21 a few years ago.  Polly asked us if we wanted to go to the sawmill tour.  It sounded like fun, and it was.
Tumacacori Mesquite was not far away and yet we've never been there in the 4 years we've been coming to Amado.  

These are some of the pieces they had in the showroom.
They were much prettier than the photos show.
The tour guide wasn't there, but one of the workers gladly took us around. 
They did have kits that you finished.  This one was a coffee table at $450.
All of you that do pyrography or woodcarving, they have some beautiful mesquite already cut.  
I'm not much of a shopper, but it was fun looking through all the wood.
We were told we could go down in another yard of "remnants".  Polly thought a little bit about walking down in that yard, when we were told to watch out for critters.  
Pretty soon the guys were looking through the piles of wood.
The wood was a dollar a pound and I'm already for the woodcarving week at North Ranch.  Can you tell what day it is by our clothing?

After all that hard work, we stopped at the famous Wisdom Cafe.  You can't tell by the photo, but there are antlers on the chickens head.
There was seating outside and inside.  Since it was in the 90's, we took the inside with the AC.  
The margaritas were very strong.  Bill had a shrimp dog which tasted very good.

We stopped at the flea market.  Notice the folding loom  to the right of me.  I asked how much and the vendor said $400 but he'd take a lot less.  It didn't look like it had been used.  I thought of Terry Russell when I saw it.

Vern started kicking tires, so Polly was holding her breath that he didn't want to take this home.
I saw a Dodge bumper and Bill lost one of those round rubber things in it.  I offered a dollar for it, but I couldn't get it out.  The vendor then offered the whole bumper for $20.  I didn't think we needed another bumper.

We all played billiards until it was time for the margarita party.  Like I said, this park has a lot to do.

No one was late for the margarita party.
These were not near as potent as the Wisdom's.
Notice the empty glasses.
Bob and Amy enjoy this tradition at their park.
Dinner consisted of either a chicken or ribs dinner.  There was a generous serving and it was delicious.

The annual meeting followed dinner.
This morning's sky right before we went for the continental breakfast and our farewell hugs.  

And before you knew it, it was gone.  

We headed out early as the weather forecast was for 30 mph winds.  Anyone who has ever traveled I 10 knows about the chain reaction accidents from dust storms.  

We had a great time, except for all the extra pounds I'm sure we gained.  

Turtle Safely........

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