Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Good News

Casa Grande, AZ

It's three days of good news.  Monday Bill and I went to the Valley for my follow up appointment with the eye doctor.  There was an accident on I 10 but we were able to detour it.  We walked in the office right on time and they took me right back.  It took about an hour and half with all the testing and waiting for my eyes to dilate.  They escorted me into the retina doctor's office and he poked his head in to say it would be a few minutes.  When he came back he said, "other than your cataracts, your eye pressure for glaucoma, and your retina separation, everything looks good."  He said based on my age and family history, my eyes were doing good and I didn't need to see him for another year.  I still have to see the ophthalmologist but his issues were looking good.   He said lots of doctors would proceed with surgery, but he is more conservative.  My kind of doctor.  Another accident on the way home on I 10 but it was a semi on it's side that had the westbound lane backed up about 6 miles.  

We stopped for a few items in Costco and a hundred and half dollars later we left.  I love the portable machines you use and check yourself out.  Not all the Costco's have them.

On Monday, I also tried to call HP.  It was a good thing they didn't take my blood pressure that day.  I had ordered a new power cord from Amazon.  During the summer I received notification from Amazon that the cord had been recalled and who to contact.  I went to the website and because I bought the cord separate, couldn't explain that on the form.  I emailed them explaining that the form was asking about my computer, not the recalled power cord.  I got an auto response from them before we attended Amado, that they would respond within 48 hours.  Since I'd given them 10 days, I called.  The person on the other end couldn't speak English well.  I asked to speak to someone who spoke English.  I was told there was no one else to speak with.  I tried explaining that I purchased the cord separately.  He wanted the serial number of the computer and told me the cord was safe to use.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there wasn't one available.  He finally gave me another number to call HP.  I swear it was the same person.  He spoke broken English the same way.  He still couldn't understand that the computer and cord didn't come together.  Yep, it was safe to use.  

Tuesday I e-mailed Amazon to explain my contacting HP.  Within about 15 minutes, I got an e-mailing saying they credited me with the price of the cord and if I wanted to order another one, they would send it overnight.  Now that's customer service.  I wonder why I order so much from a company that treats you so well, and why I'll never buy another HP product.  Customer service means everything to me.  If you can't communicate with a company, why support them.  

We had an appointment in Mesa at 8 am to have the coach serviced.  We think our antenna must have gotten a lot of dust and dirt in it during the dust storms we were in this past summer.  They were really swamped today and asked what time we were coming back to pick it up.  Since we aren't being charged for this, I told them to take their time.  We aren't going out again for a week or two.  If they had anyone with an emergency problem to put them ahead of us and we didn't want to wait around for it anyway.  I think Bryan could have kissed us.  They were packed and all bays were full.  

We visited with Jim and Sandy at Santa Fe and then went to the Chapter 45 luncheon.  It was the first of the season and there were a lot of people we haven't seen in a while.  The good news for today was Dick George was there.  He's had some very bad health issues but he came all the way to Apache Junction from Rover's Roost.  He was smiling and we offered to set him up, if he went to the Escapade.  He's thinking of the future now, and working hard to regain his strength.  

Every time we go to the luncheons, we always stop at The Ranch produce store.  Sandie told me they went in Sunday for the first time since they came back and couldn't find anything worth buying.  She said maybe they didn't get their shipments and it would be better today.  Lettuce was $1.69 a small head.  There weren't any bargains like we used to get.  The produce was terrible looking compared to what they had last year.  I'll shop at our local supermarket next time.  

Bill and I stopped at a furniture store on the way home.  We really want to replace the sofa in the coach.  Nothing really jumped out at me.  I love the way they describe something that isn't real leather.  I know I don't want a fancy name for plastic.  We did find a nice comfortable all leather one, but it was the same burgundy color as what we have in the house.    I want it to blend with our rocking recliner love seat and I just wasn't sure it would look good together. 

Turtle Safely....... 

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