Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Casa Grande, AZ

I've set down a few times to write a blog, but just couldn't get into it.  The one thing that happens when I don't blog is we get phone calls asking us what's happening and how are we doing.  Which isn't a bad thing at all.

Where to start since it's been 10 days.  I'll start with today and go backwards.  Bill had an appointment with his dermatologist today and other than a few pre-cancerous spots, no sign of any new skin cancer.  Bud and Susie Walsh arrived in town yesterday and we told them if we got out of the doctor's office in time, we'd drive up to Apache Junction for the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon.  I didn't want to commit for sure, as last week we went to Bill's scheduled appointment with this doctor only to find out that six month's ago he changed his day coming down to this office to Wednesday's.  No one bothered to call and change our appointment.  Customer service at it's best.  Bill was the first patient he saw and we had plenty of time to make a stop at Walmart and fuel up the car.  

Speaking of fuel......why is gasoline $2.47 a gallon and #3.49 for diesel?  There's no way there should be that much difference at the same station.  All of them in Casa Grande are a dollar more for diesel.  Do you think they know the snowbirds are in town?  Of course, there's no price fixing!

There was a good turnout at the luncheon and a lot of noise.  I wish I could say that we were served faster, but when we did get our food we were very hungry.  No problem, it gave us more time to talk.  Half of their cooking grill stopped working.

It was good to see Mike and Maureen Woodward who've had some medical issues.  

Dick and Judy George were there and he's looking better every time we see them.  We ran into them last week when we took Dad to the doctor office.  He has a long way to go, but you finally can see progress.  They celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary yesterday.  

John and Gerri Beckman are celebrating their anniversary today.  We are looking forward to going to Lake Havasau City with them.  That is, if they can manage to get back to Arizona before the spring thaw.  I think she told me it was 14 degrees where they are staying in Ohio.  It was in the 70's here today but out of respect for those in the cold climate I wore jeans and socks today.  

We've been busy since we made the commitment to re-carpet the house.  I went back and forth with the two big box home improvements.   

Store #2 had the house measured last Tuesday.  When I went into the store to sign the contract, a different employee started figuring the price.  If you haven't bought carpet in a while they nickel dime you to death with furniture moving, tear up, haul away, new tack strips, and installation.  I'm watching the guy adding up stuff in the computer and I see $2,000 for installation.  I said your sign says $37 for whole house installation.  He says, you didn't pick out that kind of carpet.  The sample card, which I had to pay $25 deposit to take home was left at the customer service desk.  He went to get it.  Two more associates came by (you can never find anyone usually to wait on you).  At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor said no problem, he'd straighten everything out.  Yes, I did get the $37 install.  I knew we were ordering a higher ounce carpet than store #1 which was $2,000 more.  By the time he finished taking care of us the price was reduced considerably more.  Of course, you have to pay in full before they order the carpet.  Now that I'm looking at all the stuff we have to move and the closets that need emptying out I'm wondering if ours is really that bad.  We figure it should be in after Thanksgiving.  

I promptly cancelled the measurement appointment with Store #1 last week when I signed the contract with Store #2.  I received a call last night scheduling the time to measure.  I told the guy I had cancelled last week.  I received another call this morning asking if I was cancelling. It took three phone calls to get someone to answer the phone when I did call to cancel.  

I keep looking at the calendar and trying to figure when we can go to Pilot Knob with friends.  We were hoping to go next week but we've been so busy with emptying closets and stuff that I'm not in the mood to go.  Trying to pick a time when we both can go is difficult.  Before we know it, it will be time for Quartzite.  

Last Saturday we visited with Jim and Sandie Dixon.  Skittlez was intrigued with Bill's mustache.  Do you think she remembered seeing him this summer in Indiana with his beard?  Scooter still wags her tail and says "hello", but she's a Daddy's girl.  We stopped at Costco on the way home.  It was so busy, I couldn't stand it and we left.  Today we stopped and it wasn't quite so bad, but still busy.  
Bud and Susie Walsh

Bill and I are looking forward to tomorrow.  Susie and Bud invited us for dinner.  She is an excellent cook.  Of course, we do get our doggy fix with their beautiful golden retrievers, Khaki and Zoey.  They greeted us when we took Bud and Susie home. 

Turtle Safely.......


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