Saturday, November 8, 2014

Balloons and Customer Service

Casa Grande, Arizona

We had our annual check up with our family physician.  You can tell the snowbirds are in town by the occupied seats, but we got in right on time.  Bill had some followup x-rays taken and we got right in for them also.

It's time we replace our carpeting and we visited both home stores in town.  When we went to the first one we stood around the carpet department for about a half hour.  No one ever offered to help us.  OK, no problem, off to store number 2.  Store number 2 said they could measure the house on Friday.  I asked what time and was told they would call me.  We waited around all day and finally I called the store.  Someone took my number and said they'd call me right back.  I waited a couple hours longer and then called the store.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was connected to the person who took our order for measurements. I asked to speak to a supervisor.  I waited a few minutes and then they hung up on me.  Yeah, customer service, isn't it great?

This morning I made a trip to store number one,  they can't get anyone to measure until the third week of the month.  I scheduled it and then went back to store number 2.  They were very professional today and phoned the installer to set up a time to measure.  This is the worst time of the year to do this, but the only time we're around long enough to get the job done.  I'm wondering if it would be better to get it installed right after Christmas.  Time will tell, who gets the job.  

Our subdivision had a yard sale today.  We got up bright and early and walked the community.  I did find a bundt pan to make Sandie Dixon's recipe for bubble bread for a dollar.  

When we returned we had our own balloon festival.  They landed on the other side of our fence.  I know Cool Judy told us when she and Luke were in town for dinner with us that they were coming in, but I didn't know where in town it would be.  Judy, this would have been directly across the street from the park you and Luke stayed in.

You can see our fence in this photo.  Notice the ultralight flying around in the background.

This is our patio roof with the satellite.

Here's a better shot of the ultralight.

One thing all our neighbors know is that we don't have as many pigeons on our roof as they have.  Bill has always thrown rocks at them and they recognize him and fly away when a vehicle leaves or Bill is outside.  We must have a new batch because one of them didn't fly away when he saw Bill.  Bill threw a rock, but he must have been out of practice.  When the rock broke the window, the pigeon flew away.  

Turtle Safely......

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