Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Best Catfish Ever

Poplar Bluff, MO
Camp Swampy

After yesterday's long drive I thought we might lay over an extra day in Cape but Bill was up and ready to head west.   The day was cloudy but dry when we left the Cape which made a much better driving day.  Our drive over to Poplar Bluff was less than 100 miles.    

We arrived at Camp Swampy around 10:30 and  L. C. was outside to greet us.  We visited for awhile and then Marilyn served some goulash for lunch.

Bill wanted to fuel up the truck so L. C. and Marilyn hopped in the truck with us and we rode into Poplar Bluff where diesel was $2.02.  There were all kinds of festivals going on and many streets were blocked for traffic.

This town has so many flea markets and we had time to visit one before they closed the store.  
For some reason whenever we're around L. C. and Marilyn, we end up buying some kind of furniture.  I didn't get a photo of the turtle stool I bought for $3.00.

This is a field of rice right before they cut it.

Marilyn retrieved some rice from the field so we could see what it looked like.
We did visit a rice mill earlier in the summer when we were in Louisiana at Betty's.  

Marilyn and I stopped at Fred's grocery store and I was bragging about paying 96 cents a pound for grapes.  L. C. showed us some grapes from their yard.  I don't think I'd attempt making wine with those grapes.

L. C. drove out a dirt road about two miles from their home to a restaurant that is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The parking lot was packed and their were pick up trucks parked everywhere.

Marilyn and L. C. figured the Hyde-A-Way has been in business for at least 40 years.  

They do not have menus, everyone knows what they want.  

We all ordered the 3 piece catfish dinner.  It included some great cole slaw, beans, and french fries.  

Can you see the catfish pond out the window?

There was an albino catfish we could see in the pond from where we were seated in the restaurant.

Marilyn bought some fish food and we went out to the pond and fed the fish after our dinner.
I have no idea how many people they can accommodate, but by the time we were leaving, there were many empty tables.  

It was a wonderful day made better by visiting such great people as Marilyn and L. C.

Turtle Safely...........


  1. Another fun day and visit with friends.
    Love a good feast of catfish too when we can find it.

  2. I highly recommend this place if you can find it. You wouldn't know it was a restaurant except for all the pick up trucks.

  3. I'd be all in for the great catfish dinner too. Terry not so much.

  4. It sure was a wonderful day. Paul would go crazy if he found grapes for 96 cents. He loves grapes.

    1. One of our favorite snacks for driving days.


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