Monday, March 6, 2017

A Jewell In Our Backyard--The Dwarf Car Museum

Casa Grande, Arizona

Bill and I have traveled all over the USA exploring unique places.  Today we didn't have far to go to find one.  The Dwarf Car Museum is about 25 miles from us and we have lived in this area for over 20 years and never been before.

One time I saw a show about a man that makes miniature cars on TV.  They were nice and looked interesting but nothing like the experience.  Sandie and Jim Dixon visited it and I knew we had to go see it.  

George and Linda are in town, and knowing how George loves to invent things, I thought he'd enjoy it.  Little did I realize what a unique and fun day it would be for all of us.  

When we pulled up out front, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Sandie has never steered me wrong and she didn't this time.

Here's Linda standing by one, so you can see that they aren't regular size cars.

There was lots of stuff to see and enjoy.

We entered from a door on the side and this was the first car we saw.  Little did we know there was a lot more.  Ernie makes the parts from anything he can find including refrigerators. 

Ernie came by and started this one up.  You should have heard it.  Why didn't I take a video of it?

Every piece is handmade by Ernie.

All the lights work and all the cars are run on a regular basis.  Ernie drives to a lot of car shows.

Ernie showed us the current car he is working on.

Ernie opted not to paint this car, just to let it rust.

We did learn that Ernie does have a sense of humor.  You couldn't help but laugh at all the extras on this one.

He had some cute sayings written on the car.

The back end of this one had a chicken in a crate.

Not only does Ernie make dwarf cars but he made a matching boat with this one.

He loves all kinds and all brands.

Since this one was a convertible I thought maybe I could get my body into this one.

The seats all roll back so you can fold your body up and get into them.  

Next to that red Coca Cola door is a donation jar.  We almost missed it.  George and Linda bought some DVD's that explained the story of Ernie Adams.

We watched the video play in a small "theater area".

You just have to see this to believe the size and details.

They are truly works of art.

Linda, George, Me and Ernie.  Doesn't Ernie look like a normal person.  I can't believe I'm standing next to a genius.  Ernie is also very humble.

We walked out back to view the Adams Cemetery where he has headstones for his pets.  On the right is his garden.

Ernie said he spent the first 30 years in this shop building his cars.

I think this must be work in progress.

I couldn't figure out where this photo came from.
I didn't see these.

Now I know where Bill found them.

Yes, Bill was in the "rust room".

Linda and I checked out the tow truck.

George made a call from the phone booth.

It was a wonderful experience and one that I'm sure we'll repeat again.  

We stopped at Plaza Bonita for lunch.  We've been there before with the Del Rosario's and it was just as good as we remembered.


  1. Isn't that place just a hoot! We loved our visit, and Erine is such a great man. Glad you made the stop.

  2. I'm so glad you guys made it down there. It is such a neat place. I would love to go again soneday. Just amazing.

    1. I could go back again today. Thanks again.

  3. I saw the other did that tour a while ago, will have to make a point of going there next year.

    1. It would be an easy drive from I 8.

  4. This is the one I was looking for when I found the Franklin Museum. I'll switch with you next time .....

    1. It's very easy to find if you follow the directions. The GPS took us another way but right to it. It's worth the drive to see it. Harrah's casino is in the area if you needed a place to park the RV.


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