Sunday, March 30, 2014


Casa Grande, AZ

Yesterday was another fun day at the Woodcarver's Week.  The event started out with a breakfast burrito.  It was very popular and those that weren't there for the Woodcarver's could purchase the breakfast for $4.00.  

Dennis Hill even splurged.  

Denny and Susie Orr worked the kitchen.  I had already heard about how good the breakfast burritos were from boot camp.

We had seen a flyer the night before while we were at the Tumbleweed about a flea market in Congress.  I asked Bill if he wanted to go and this was one of his hardest decisions.  He said he wanted to work on his carving so I rode along with Don and Sharon.  I didn't think to get a photo but we passed the smallest motel in Arizona.  The flea market wasn't much just a few vendors with some tables.  

Don drove out to Stanton to show me the "town".  I didn't get very good photos but once again Sharon's were great.  Check out her blog--Gypsy and the Mariner's RV Adventures.  

Metal detecting was very popular there.  I enjoyed North Ranch but I don't know if I could handle Stanton.  At least I got an idea where my woodcarving pattern came from.  

The Woodcarver's dinner was very good.  I know Kellie Gunn made the lasagna with the help of another lady that I didn't get her name.  They even made the dessert.  There was some left so they sold two pieces for a dollar.  Since I knew today was a road day, I got some for tonight's dinner.  Any reason not to cook!

They had a unique way of doing the door prize drawing.  Everyone had a ticket and you put your ticket in the drawing for a specific prize.  I choose three fish tips for my woodburner, and Bill put his ticket in the drawing for a canvas tote bag.  Bill won the tote bag and the next ticket drawn I won the tips.  Jim and Deb were also sitting with us and they won a prize. 

We said our good byes and thanked Kellie and Walt Gunn for hosting the event.  We already have plans to return next March 21 to the 28th.  

We said good night to Sharon and Don and we both were going to play it by ear on departure time the next morning.  
Jim and Deb walked over to have a glass of wine with us and before you knew it, it was 9 pm.  I'm sure we'll see them again.  

This morning we woke up early.  I think knowing that they were predicting heavy winds today might have gotten us moving faster than normal.  We said good bye to Don as Sharon was showering, with plans to meet up again on Tuesday.  

We pulled out about 8:15 and had an easy drive home.  We actually got through the traffic circle without missing our turn.  Traffic was pretty light through Phoenix.  

Bill was dumping the tanks and for some reason I walked inside and heard the phone ring.  It was Sharon asking if we wanted to go to dinner tonight.  Well hello, I thought maybe they might have had enough of us but they decided to stay in Casa Grande rather than stay at the base in Tucson.  Now she did explain that it is cheaper to stay here than the base, and diesel is 20 cents cheaper even with their discount.  No matter, we've had such a good time with them we're excited to extend the time.  

We made a quick trip to Costco in Chandler to pick up Bill's glasses.  No more of this having a pair of readers hanging around his neck.  

We picked Sharon and Don up and went to eat at the Hong Kong Kitchen.  Everyone seemed to like their meal.  Don and Sharon took some home for tomorrow.  Can you believe Sharon and I both didn't have our cameras with us?

We're looking forward to traveling to the rally with them.  Sharon and I already have plans to visit a store in Tucson.  

Turtle Safely.......


  1. I don't think Stanton would be for us either.

    What an interesting green trailer. Not for us

  2. Missed you by a few hours. We arrived at North Ranch at 11:45 am. Only here two nights. Enjoy your rally

    1. We would have enjoyed seeing you again. Where to next? We're headed to Chapter 21 Rally. Don and Sharon decided to stay in Casa Grande until tomorrow.


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