Monday, April 10, 2017

A Day of Many Hitches

Quartzite, Arizona
Park Place RV Park

You wonder how we can have so many hitches or unhitches in a day.  Well let's start with the first one we did today as we hitched up for our 8 am appointment with RV Lifestyles.  Number two was when we unhitched at RV Lifestyles.  Number three was when we picked up the coach.  

I was still having problems with the over the air antenna in the living room.  Paul told me to stop by and he'd check it out.  Number four unhitch was when we stopped at Advantage Satellite.  It didn't take Paul too long to figure out the problem.  Number five was when we hitched up to leave Advantage Satellite.  

The back jack motor won't be in until tomorrow, so we drove back over to Park Place and unhitched for number six.  
Thank goodness for the level ups which makes it a snap to hitch and unhitch.  

While we were waiting we had breakfast at the Quail Cafe.  I must say all the years we've been coming to Quartzite, we've never eaten there before.  Of course there are only a couple of restaurants open in town.  

There isn't much open and the town looks like a ghost town.  
Now there's a reason, we don't make reservations.  Can you imagine if we had reservations and had to change them because we stayed an extra day waiting on the part?
That's the reason we don't make reservations.  If the weather is bad, we don't travel.  I've known people who will plan out their whole trip and have all their reservations booked before they even pull out of the driveway.  

What happens when you are having such a good time, you don't want to leave somewhere?  What happens when you just don't feel well enough to drive all day?   

Our nice neighbors, Lorna and Bob, invited us over.  It was such a beautiful day.
We really enjoyed visiting with them.  

Lorna is very talented and she makes jewelry out of potatoes.  
The photos don't show the jewelry very well.  She also does wire wrapping but I forgot to get a photo of it.  

We would have visited much longer, but it was dinner time. Anyone that has been to Quartzite knows about Silly Al's.  Bill had suggested we go to Silly Al's last night, but I wanted to watch the Diamondbacks and I thought we'd be in town long enough for lunch there today.  

We never expected the parking lot to be almost full.  Everyone in Quartzite must have been there.  

Our plans are to head out once the part is installed tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.........


  1. Well they do say "practice makes perfect". But I don't think you guys need that much practice. Turtle safely.

    1. It's the things you do over and over again, that you mess up with.

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  3. You must be in space 47 at Park Place because we also we're next to Bob and Lorna please tell them we say hello.

  4. Nice to get things all fixed up and Quartzsite is the place to get it done. We always enjoy slimly Al's

    1. It's not something we had to fix, because we only use the very rear jacks when we are in a mushy wet site. The 6 point level ups do a great job 99.9% of the time.

  5. Lots of practice. We don't make reservations many times for the same reasons.

    1. We never know which way we will be traveling. It's the freedom that we love.


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