Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Anxiously Waiting

Casa Grande, AZ 
Sundance RV Resort

I haven't blogged lately because, although we've been busy, we haven't been doing anything interesting.

Bill had an appointment with his cardiologist on Monday.  The cardiologist told him to enjoy the Alaska trip and come back in six months.  I love hearing good news like that.  Next was a visit to the dermatologist.  He found a few pre-cancerous spots on Bill, and he said "see you in the fall." 

Today we had our blood work and six month check up with our family doctor.  Bill's cholesterol numbers were much better from his last visit. 

I am amazed at how late people arrive in a RV park.  It's dark and one just came in.  The one next to us has some small boys about 3 or 4.  They surely had some energy bottled up once they were parked.  

We still have a dentist appointment and two much needed haircuts before we pull out on Sunday.  

I've gone over and over our check list.  Hopefully, there is nothing we've overlooked.  

Some of the Loosey Goosey group have begun the journey to Alaska.  I'll feel like we are really on the road once we leave here Sunday.  

We did visit with John and Gerri Beckman for a little bit at the Walmart pharmacy.  I told them about Polly Fogler being very ill and they gave us an update on Dick George.  

It must be an age thing--talking about illness and doctor visits.  

I guess I can start counting the hours before we leave for Alaska.  72 hours and counting.

Turtle Safely........


  1. Wonderful news from the doctors... I'm so excited to follow along as you travel to and through Alaska. It's a trip on our bucket list and our list is long!! 😊

  2. Ready, set soon to go. Safe travels.

  3. Yea...Bill has the green light to travel.
    Love the countdown. Stay safe!

  4. Good news from the docs is what we all want to hear. Faye told me about Polly. Sure am looking forward to your posts as you head way up north to Alaska.

  5. Good news is always fun. Enjoy your trip ... you're going to love it!! Just take your time ... you're in no hurry!! Remember all the Libraries up that direction have free WiFi so you can keep us in the know!!

  6. We're new to following you guys but not new to full-tining. We full-timed several years ago and came off the road and now we are back!
    Glad to hear you all are getting the green lights from your doctors!! That's great!!
    I have a tether to my oncologist for a little longer but we are making the best of the situation.
    Looking forward to following you guys to Alaska!!


  7. Glad to hear you are back on the road. This will be our first trip to Alaska in the fifth wheel.


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