Thursday, April 27, 2017

Is it the Same Place?

Oregon 8 Motel and RV Park
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Our neighbors were very quiet and left very early this morning.  Our thoughts were to leave early to avoid a large line at the dump station.  I believe we were ready to leave by 8 which is very early for us.  We could have gone up to the hall for coffee but knowing us, we'd start talking and the early start wouldn't be so early.  

There was no line whatsoever at the dump station.  Someone had installed a sewer hose so you didn't even need to get yours out.  It sure made for a faster dump.  

We drove up highway 99 until we crossed I 5 at Red Bluff.  The traffic wasn't bad and the road was fair.  We saw lots of farm land.  There were a lot of roadside wine and walnut stands.

111The terrain changed a lot in our short drive.  We could see Mt. Shasta off in the distance all day.

The weather was a perfect temperature when we left the fairgrounds.  The sun was shining but about 15 minutes later we ran into fog.

The fog didn't last long but we were grateful for the blue skies and dry roads.

We only stopped once at a rest stop.  The other ones were full and no where to stop.  

I was surprised to know that we were near Lassen Volcanic National Park.  I must say, I've never heard of that park.  Someplace else to add to the bucket list.

We were definitely in the  mountains.  I watched the outside temperature change from the 70's to the 40's as we climbed the mountains.

I had thought we'd stop in Weed for the night and go into Klamath Falls the next day.  It was still early and Bill said he felt fine, so we kept going until we reached the Oregon 8 Motel and RV Park.  
Mount Shasta has lots of snow but at 14,162 you do expect it.

Since Bill has an appointment for some dental work, I made a reservation at this park.  The KOA was full when I tried to make a reservation a couple of weeks ago.  You know how I always say I don't make reservations, well here's the reason.  
When I looked at the photos of the park on the internet, it looked okay.  

But when we arrived it didn't look anything like the internet photos.  

The building is the bath house.

Here's our neighbors.

The grass hasn't been touched since last year.
Picnic tables at every site.

On the plus side they are pull thru.

Would you say they are a little narrow?  The problem is when you reserve, they take a day's rate for deposit.

Take a look at their website and you'll see what I mean.
It surely doesn't look like what I saw on the internet.  Glad it's for only two days.

Temperature is suppose to get down to 29 degrees tonight.  Bill covered the water line so hope it doesn't freeze.

Turtle Safely......


  1. Looks like a good travel day, some campgrounds are not very well maintained which is sad because of the good money you pay to stay there. good thing you only there for 2 days.

    1. This is the most we've paid for a park since we left Casa Grande.

  2. You should write a review on that one. I try to check out Allstays or RVParkReviews first. Sometimes it helps. It looks kind of like the Arabian Oasis in beautiful downtown Boron California!!

  3. Too many RV Parks have pictures that are nowhere near what the park looks like. When Kathy was researching parks to stay at she actually found three that were hundreds of miles apart using exactly the same pictures.
    Good luck with your Dental appointment Bill.
    Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.


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