Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Day at the Nevada State Capitol

Dayton, Nevada
Dayton RV Park

Bill suggested we go to the Casino up by the Smith's grocery for breakfast.  I'm not much of a casino fan, but this one was small and very nice.  The restaurant was packed and by the looks of the food, I could see why.  We had the $2.99 breakfast special--two eggs, ham or sausage, home fries or hash browns, pancakes or toast.  

It's only about 11 miles to Carson City from here.  I was surprised at that lack of traffic.  Casa Grande is about the same size and they have traffic lights everywhere.  Carson City has very few traffic lights and the traffic flows very well. 

There was a free public parking lot right next to the Capitol.  When we walked around to the front of the Capitol, there were three docents standing by the door.  They said that we could take a self guided tour of the Capitol or we were welcome to join a group of 4th grade students that were just arriving.  We decided to tag along with the students.  Bill and I were immediately glad that we chose the group of 10 girls and the docent, Dan.  

Dan really knew his stuff and challenged the students.  He did tell us that part of the fourth grade curriculum includes Nevada history.   

When he explained that Nevada was admitted to the union on October 31, 1864 and that this replica of the Capitol which is made of cards was a gift to celebrate the sesquicentennial, he told the girls it would be on their spelling test at the end of the tour.   

We learned on yesterday's mine tour that no one has wells for drinking water because there is so much arsenic in the rocks.  The gold rock is full of arsenic.  

This hotel became the Nevada State Prison where the prisoners quarried the sandstone for the Capitol.  

Another portion of the Lincoln highway that we've traveled on.

During a speech on the steps of the Capitol, this governor's chair was placed for Teddy Roosevelt to sit in.  You could see it in the photo over the chair.

This was the original room and table used by the State Supreme Court.  Dan told the group that when Nevada applied to be admitted to the United States they sent the paperwork to Washington, DC via pony express.  To be sure that it arrived, they also sent a second copy via a boat.  Neither one arrived so they ended up sending it by telegraph at a cost of $4,000.  It took two days to complete sending that long document.

The flags surrounding this room were original county flags that were designed by 4th grade students.

Dan told the group that Lincoln was shot in this room.  He went on to say that there was a huge painting of Lincoln that was located below the large N.  The story goes that the janitor was mopping the floors when he heard three shots fired.  He ran upstairs in the direction of the sound of the shots and he noticed three boys running down the back stairs.  He was unable to catch them.  Fearful for losing his job, because he hadn't locked the doors, the janitor made a decision.  He took the painting down and tried to repair the painting.  When he repaired and replaced that painting in 1953, no one noticed the bullet holes.  30 years later, when the holes were discovered and the janitor had retired, he told the story of how it happened.

One other story he told was the story of the state seal.  There was a mine on the seal with the smoke coming out of the chimney and a train with smoke coming out of it.  The only problem was the mine chimney smoke went to the left and the train smokestack went to the right.  Thus there were actually two state seals when the correction was made. 

In 1977 the building was declared structurally unsafe.  The building was taken apart and the foundation was reinforced with concrete.  The dome was replaced with a fiberglass one made by a surfboard company.  The project was completed in 1981 at a cost of $6,000,000.  

Nevada is one of only three states that houses the legislature separately from the Capitol.

This octagon building used to be the library but currently houses the press corps for the Governor.  

I was surprised when the docent asked who was Governor.  When the girls didn't answer, either a chaperone or teacher was asked and they didn't know.  How could you not know the Governor of your state?  Pretty sad.  

This plaque was in front of the Capitol.  I called Bill over to read it.  It mentions George Follansbee.  Now I know that means nothing to you, but Bill and I used to live in Follansbee, WV.  It's not a common name.  Looks like I need to be Googling that.

We walked across the street to view the watering hole fountain for the Pony Express that traveled right down Carson Street.  Sorry I didn't get a photo of it.....

instead, I took a photo of one of these trees.  Does anyone know what kind of flowering tree this is?

There was a classic car show going on in the grounds of the Capitol.  I'll post the photos in a smaller size and if you want to see them better, just click on the photo and it will enlarge it.  

There were more pictures, because Bill had the camera, but you get the idea.

There was a law enforcement monument in the plaza.

Of course, Bill happened upon this statue of Kit Carson in the Plaza.

It was such a beautiful day even though the temperature was only 56 degrees.

This building is typical of the style you see in Carson City.

I can't ever remember being in a cleaner city than Carson City.  I never even saw a cigarette butt on the ground. At the car show each car had a metal tray which looked like a giant cookie sheet underneath the engines, so no oil will stain the concrete.  Even the street vendor food carts used the sheets.

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of trees these are.

This was the Ferris House and part of Bill's thumb.

Here's a street scene.  Notice the high volume of traffic and the cleanliness.

Now I mentioned Follansbee, WV but this was crazy.  The Garibaldi club in Follansbee was the main attraction.  
And there's a Garibaldi in Carson City--small world.

I just love the architecture here.

Well by the time we did all this exploring, we decided we didn't have enough time to visit the Nevada State Museum which closed at 4 pm.  Tomorrow's another day.

Turtle Safely......


  1. What an interesting day, pit and about checking out new places, great photos too.

    1. Nothing like free parking, and free entertainment.

  2. You are covering a lot of stuff that is on our to do list. Great post!

    1. You can't beat free entertainment like that.

  3. We live to visit any capital. They are always so different and neat looking.
    Just a guess...are those tree flowering crab trees?


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