Friday, April 21, 2017

The Mint

Dayton, Nevada
Dayton RV Park

The last place that we wanted to see before we leave town, was the Nevada State Museum.  I'm really glad we didn't try and do it yesterday after the Capitol tour. 

After we paid our $8.00 admittance the docent gave us a map of the museum.  He was surprised that we hadn't been before.  He even highlighted exhibits he thought we'd enjoy.

The first room was Our Nevada Stories.  

Official Nevada state gemstone is the Virgin Valley Black fire opal.

 The state of Nevada presented Admiral Bull Halsey with this beautiful saddle 

The next room was a new exhibit on WW II.  I can't imagine how scared a soldier would be when handed one of these gas masks. 

Everything was displayed well.

The next exhibit was "Ghost Town".  When you walked into the room, you could hear the wind blowing.  This miner and mule moved as they "talked".

It was very well done.

We were told by the docent to be sure and go down the stairs.
It was a replica of a Nevada mine.  
The rail line lead you through the mine and there were displays of all aspects of mining.

I must say I panicked when I got lost and couldn't find my way out.
The next exhibit was the firearms.  Needless to say, Bill read about every gun displayed.
I forgot the date on this Gatling gun.  

There were some very fine pieces and a lot of stories about the guns.

It was difficult to get a photo as there were so many people in this exhibit.

We took a break while watching  a video in the Mint theater.

Coin press no. 1 is used for demonstrations one day a month, but right now it has some parts that are worn.  I would have liked to have seen it in operation.
There were large silver sets on display.

The second floor housed the best exhibits I thought.  It was Nevada history.  
It was difficult to get photos and this exhibit was very popular.

Gambling was featured in the history of Nevada.

How do you like this Maxwell?

I thought this was a beautiful Indian.  We have visited the Springfield, MA museum where they have a huge display of Indian's.

Probably one of the earliest of bottled waters. It was first used at the nuclear testing site.

Look at the size of that prehistoric animal compared to Bill.

There was a room of stuffed animals and birds.  The curator's have recently had them cleaned and restored and they left this exhibit open so people could see it until they get a new exhibit finished.  

You just know I had to have a photo of the tortoise.

I took this eagle shot so we can identify them when we get to Alaska.  Dennis Hill has a hat like this bird.

I can't remember the year of this Henderson, but she's a beauty.

Here's a 1912 Henderson Four.

The original Carson City Mint is now the Nevada State Museum, but they have added on to the building.  It's a shame that they didn't blend it together instead of having a modern architecture attached to such a beautiful building.

The Governor's Mansion was a few blocks away so we drove over to it.

When I say there is no traffic in this town I mean it.  Look at the deer crossing the road.  Our diesel truck didn't even scare it away.

The Governor's mansion was setting up for some kind of big party.
The Governor must have known we are leaving town tomorrow, because we didn't get an invitation to the party.

Didn't feel like cooking after all that walking today so we walked across the street for the Prime Rib special for $8.99 at the Casino.

When we returned the manager of the park said he was going to have a full house.  You wouldn't believe how they are squeezed in.   
That isn't grass, it's artificial turf.  The problem is that there is a site in front of us.  There wouldn't be enough room along side the coach to drive the truck up to hitch on.  All vehicles are parked along the narrow street.  Why he didn't have us pull forward to that site is beyond me.  

I'm hoping we can get over the pass tomorrow.  The weather looks very good.  We've seen the snow receding in the mountains since we've been here.  I checked the low temperature for Donner Pass and it is suppose to be 31.  Hope all that melting snow isn't ice.  

Turtle Safely.....


  1. Crap. Paul isn't really a museum guy so we passed on this one. I should have just went in myself. I love learning about a state. This was a super museum.
    I am with you, Jan. I seeing an historical building look like it has an attachment. Takes away from the beauty.

  2. Souvenirs from the Carson City Mint would be nice. Too bad they didn't have handouts.

    I'd probably panic too if I got lost in a tunnel. The good think is that there are people working there who could probably find you.


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