Sunday, April 16, 2017

Up on the Roof....

Hawthorne, Nevada
Whiskey Flats RV Park

Last night I pushed the satellite control to stow the satellite and then took a shower.  

This morning when we were ready to put the slides in, I noticed the satellite box said "not stowed".  No problem, I hit the button again.  This time it had an EL Home Failure light up.  I checked outside and the satellite was pointing straight up.  

I pulled out the troubleshooting instructions for the error code and it said to make sure there were no obstructions.  I climbed up on the roof and didn't find anything obstructing it.  The instructions said that the satellite would need to be calibrated.   The next step was to give Winnegard a call. Of course, they are closed for Easter.

Just about the time I was going to walk over to the office and see if we could stay an extra day, I thought I would see if there was anything I could find about the error code on the internet.  Isn't Google wonderful?  I typed in the error code and there were instructions of what buttons to push and how many times. I followed the instructions and the next thing I knew the satellite was stowed for travel.

We decided to drive the short distance to Hawthorne as the weather was suppose to be very windy today.  Highway 95 is our kind of road.  No traffic, good condition two lane highway.  

The road was nice, but those snow covered mountains had me wondering where I was taking us.  

This is the road coming into Hawthorne.

Originally we had planned on staying at the local Elk's lodge but the weather is suppose to turn cold and wet on Tuesday. It made no sense to drive on a rainy day, so changed our plans to three days in Hawthorne.  

I can't remember whose blog I read about Whiskey Flats, but I remembered it sounded very nice.  The sites are all pull thru with 50 amp full hook ups.  
You can tell by the concrete that these are very new.  Hope the trees don't grow much.

I took this photo before noon, but now nearly every site is full.  Oh yes, the rate is $28 but we got a 10% discount with our Good Sam card.  

The winds started about 2 pm.  I took this photo of the Safeway grocery out our living room window.   Can you see that huge flag and how straight out the wind is blowing?  Let me tell you the 20 mph winds aren't bad but the gusts are terrible.  

I enjoyed the Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers and didn't go outside other than a short visit to the grocery store.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. We always stay at Whiskey Flats. It's a great park. I, too, love google. It always comes to the rescue.

  2. Nice that you got your dish code figured out, now to carry on. enjoy the journey and stay away from that snow.

  3. After hearing of several similar Traveler failures on my Tiffin Forum, I downloaded the instructions and added them to my troubleshooting files. Sure insurance that something else will break instead. 🤠 We'll be crossing up at Sweetgrass around 5/15/17 ish. We have reservations in Banff for a few days starting on the 17th Hope that we see you guys somewhere up the Alcan.

  4. Google is amazing. It's full of all kinds of tricks.


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