Sunday, April 23, 2017

WARE--Day 1

Yuba Sutter Fairground
Yuba City, California

I was surprised to hear someone pulling into the site next to us about 8:30 this morning.  I was hoping it would be open when Susie and Bud Walsh arrived.  

We went into town to the grocery store and as we were returning Bud and Susie were just arriving.  There are two other rigs between us. 

Registration opened at noon and we walked over to get our welcome bag.  There are a lot of craft classes to sign up for, but nothing I was interested in doing.

We sat outside enjoying the perfect day and the next thing I knew it was time for the opening ceremonies.  If the opening ceremonies are a clue as to this event, it's going to be great.  

The theme of the rally is fruit and nuts.  The decorations are absolutely beautiful.  The program started with 4 people as dancing raisins.  They were dressed so it was impossible to know who was a raisin. 

The next part of the program was picking a King and Queen. The scepter was a decorated hoe with an artichoke.   It was hilarious.  They opened the show and picked door prize tickets.  

Don and Sharon Del Rosario were recognized for starting the WARE rally.  There was a lot of applause.

Lisa and Jim Koca were also recognized for representing the Escapees from Livingston, Texas.  

The parade of banners was next.  I think the one comment I heard about the Escapade was that they didn't have the parade of banners in Tucson this year.  

Our chapter 45 banner was used for the spring picnic and we left Casa Grande before that event, so we didn't have a banner with us.  Ed Allard, president, emailed me a photo of the banner so I printed it out and put it on a poster board with a ruler as a stick.  Bill and I are the only people here from Chapter 45.
Notice the nice banners of the chapters and the BOF's.  

Here I am trying to get some enthusiasm for Chapter 45.  It might have been a tad small.
 Do you think I needed a bigger one?

There were many very nice door prizes given out.
We had an hour and half to head back home and get some dinner before the ice cream social.  Bill wasn't hungry for Mexican so we didn't go to dinner with Don and Sharon.  

I didn't realize Klondikes had so many different flavors but I'm sure they had all of them.  The ice cream social which was sponsored by Escapees Chapter 24 was a huge success.

It looked like they had a full house for the card bingo that followed the ice cream social.  We called it a night and went back home to relax.

Turtle Safely..........


  1. Just the beginning of a busy rally you will enjoy, have fun.

    1. There's so many people here that we've never met.


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