Monday, April 24, 2017


Yuba City, California
Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds

Susie and Bud were ready before we even had our shoes on this morning to go over for the coffee and donuts at 8 am. 

Why is it you consume more coffee while you're sitting and talking with someone?  

Our plan was to listen to the 9:30 seminar put on by a CHIP officer.  We expected to go back home and come back but we visited so long, we already had our seat for the seminar.

We've attended a lot of seminars but this officer was great. He gave us information about RV's and the laws pertaining to RV's.  He was very knowledgeable, articulate, and humorous in his delivery.  I thought it was a good choice for a seminar.  He covered driving, legal licenses, and CCW's. 

We needed a few items at Sam's Club so Bud and Susie rode with us to Sam's and then we had a couple of items that we needed at Walmart.  

The next thing we knew, it was time for "friendship hour". All announcements are given during happy hour as well as very nice door prizes.  

Dickey's Barbecue supplied barbecue pork and brisket sandwiches for Happy Hour.  
A prize is given out every night for those who wear something representing the theme of nuts and fruit.  

The Mayor of Yuba City welcomed everyone to the rally.  We did learn that Yuba City has the world's largest dried fruit factory.  

During the announcements all veterans were asked to stand, then they asked all those with veteran hats on to come up front.  Bud Walsh and Don Del Rosario went up front from our table.
They were all rewarded with prizes.
Don received a bottle of gin and a one night stay at an RV park.
Bud found a nice bottle of wine in his gift bag.

Don dug deeper into his bag and found a WARE rally apron.

There was a meeting of the Loosey Goosey gang following happy hour.  Jim Koca hosted it as Lisa wasn't feeling well. One member has already crossed the border into Canada.  

It was a great day and even though rain was forecast we were lucky enough not to have any.  Yesterday we had the AC on, today the fireplace.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Looks like some nice prizes are awarded there and everyone is having a great time.

  2. Yeah, it's a much better rally than most.

  3. This Rally seems to be a blessing in disguise. It had more to offer then you expected and you are staying warmer then those already in Canada.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I think you mean Yuba City (damn spell check). Check your title.

    Now don't forget, we are now in Merritt so if you come by this way do come. I will cook for you!


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