Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Old Friends and New Friends

Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Goshen, Indiana

Sunday, I drove the rig for a change, from Bellevue to Goshen.  The weather was great and there was only one construction zone that detoured us.  

When we arrived at the Fairgrounds there was a Montana already here for the rally.  Shortly after we arrived another one came in.  The two couples have never attended a MOC rally before.  

LC and Marilyn were here and we visited with them on Sunday.  They had to take their Solitude coach into the factory for repairs.  Hopefully,  we'll see them again while they are staying at a local hotel.  Sorry I didn't think to take the camera out of my pocket. 

Yesterday we went to Sam's Club to get a new computer for Bill.  Needless to say, the remainder of the day was spent getting it set up.  We did spend some time visiting with Randy and Joyce, and Marion and Tom.  They had questions on what to expect when the rally starts.  

Bill and I walked around the fairgrounds admiring all the beautiful flowers and clever way they were planted.  The town of Goshen now has some realistic statues. I had to walk close to this one to make sure the clothes weren't real.

I can't remember the fairgrounds having the MOC rally advertised this early before.

Bill and I did laundry today because we were expecting some more friends to arrive today.  We were surprised to hear someone calling Bill's name.  It was Randy and Joyce doing laundry too.

Today Harry and Carlena arrived.  They were in Arizona and came up here to visit with us.  I guess our trip to Alaska went okay, if after all that time we're still speaking to one another.  It was so good to see Boo again.  Her tail was wagging when she saw us.

Harry and Carlena hadn't had lunch, so we suggested Lux. They both agreed, they'd be back there while in town. Harry also had never been to a Menard's.  If anyone knows Harry, I was surprised that we were out of there before dark.  

Tom and Marion joined us while we all sat outside.  Boo and Sadie took awhile before they decided they tolerated each other.  

Tomorrow we're going to take Harry and Carlena to the Shipshewana flea market.  We've already picked the Das Essenhaus for a stop on the way home.

Turtle Safely......


  1. Such a wonderful area to explore and meet up with friends , glad you are having fun.

    1. You two are the king and queen of having fun.

  2. We stop at Das Essenhaus every time we visit the area.
    Careful bringing Harry to the Flea Market. You might not leave until after they close.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We love that area, so much to do. If Harry got excited about Menard's, how much fun will he have at Shipshewana??? Enjoy and tell Harry & Carlena Hi from us.

    1. Yesterday we took him to the salvage place in White Pigeon, MI


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