Monday, April 16, 2018

Last Night in Cajun Country

Abbeville, LA
Betty's RV Park

We enjoyed the sunshine this morning and then made a short trip into town. I came back to try calling RV parks  that had a vacancy in Savannah.  The one that we've stayed at before said she had nothing for May.  I called some more and their recordings said nothing available.  One place said she had nothing for the rest of summer.  

Everyone wanted another shrimp salad from Abshire's for lunch before we leave the area.  George called ahead to make sure they had shrimp today. 

When we arrived the owner said she could only put shrimp for three on the grill at a time.  I said, "no problem, the women can have the first three."  It takes 25 minutes to make them.

The wait was worth it.  Anyone else that came into the store and wanted food couldn't have anything from the grill while they were cooking our shrimp.

This store isn't very big.  I'm sure it hasn't changed much over the years.

That's about the entire store behind George and Linda.  

It's not someplace we would have stopped at if Betty hadn't told us about it.

Ice cream snicker's for dessert.  Ed Allard would be proud we didn't forget about dessert.

George permanently installed our name sign.  Now it comes out with the steps.

I took this picture to show which way the satellite is pointing--straight into the trees.  I still can't believe we have Direct TV satellite.

Harry and Carlena were not able to get Dish.

Yesterday I showed the indoor party room.  This is where most happy hours are held.

The ground is covered with beads.

Here's tonight's happy hour group.

Harry, Carlena, and Linda.

Betty played her Betty's RV Park song.  What a great song.  I can't wait until we can get a copy of it.

There was a lot of food consumed.

We will see Nanc and Jim again in Sedalia and maybe back in PA.

One of Betty's guests painted this oil painting of her grand- daughter, Lucette.  

Isn't this a great photo of Betty and Bill?

We may be leaving tomorrow, but we will never forget the great times we've had at Betty's.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Betty’s is certainly a special place!! Glad you had a great time!!

  2. There is no place like Betty's so many fun times and great memories, and of course new friends and amazing food. Travel safe wherever you go.

  3. Great seeing you two. See ya down the road.

  4. Apparently a popular area, since no reservations are available. I love your entry steps ... easy to climb!! Glad you are enjoying your trip!


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